Chinese Bible School to Begin Church Building Phase

( [email protected] ) Mar 02, 2004 10:17 AM EST

China - The construction of a Bible school in Nanchung, Jiangxi Province began just last September 2003 and already has shown much progression towards its completion. This has proven to be a good outlook for the Christians in China. The Church in China is working in cooperation with China Partner Ministries for this mission.

Progress for the Bible school is moving very rapidly as the first phase of construction was already completed. Erik Burklin of China Partner Ministries comments "they're in the middle of their second phase of the construction, which includes their church facilities. My father was just amazed and blessed to see the advance that they have made in the construction progress so far. They just started to build this last year, and they're almost complete with this now."

China Partner Ministries has invested greatly into this mission and hope that the Bible school will serve as a starting point for administering and aiding other Bible studies and seminaries. China Partner will provide spiritual resources to Christian leaders, Church pastors and administrators.

The organization also plans to train and attract international Christian teachers.

Bible school students will soon be able to attend services and worship in the newly built chapel. Burklin tells that China Partner will aid with additional funds for ministries to the children and migrants. Lastly, he states "when they do ask us to pray for them, I think they're also sincere in that. I think we need to pray for this particular church, that they would, as they're growing, that God would use them in a very powerful way to see more people come to Jesus Christ."

[source: China Partner Ministries]