Word Help Sends One Million Bible to China

With Plans to Send More
( [email protected] ) Mar 03, 2004 02:08 AM EST

In current developments, Word Help is now readying shipment for at least one million Chinese edition bibles to various underground ministries in China. Several months before, Word Help had made plans to raise funds to buy one million Chinese Bibles for distribution in China. The dream finally reached fruition on December 31, 2003, sending a furious scramble to acquire as much Chinese Bibles as quickly as possible.

"We've been working feverishly for the past few months to provide one million Chinese Bibles for the underground church and persecuted believers in China. We just met our goal, and in fact we passed our goal of one million Bibles for China," says Word Help president Vernon Brewer. "These believers do not need our sympathy ... they need our prayers ... they need hope ... and they need Bibles!"

According to sources from Word Help, no less than 20,000 Chinese receive Christ each day. That means "20,000 who do not have a copy of God’s word," replies Brewer. Leaders within Word Help hope that the upcoming 2008 Olympics hosted in Beijing would open up China to an unprecedented rise in foreign travel in the country. With this opportune moment on the horizon, Word Help is now working with 29 other mission agencies in planning for additional bible shipments to China.

Reminiscing on current victories, Brewer happily concluded that "for every Bible provided, at least 300 Chinese lives will be touched, and on average 10 Chinese will come to Christ for each Bible distributed. It is amazing when you think that so little can accomplish so much!"