System Shock Remaster Playable Demo Now Available

( [email protected] ) Jun 30, 2016 12:30 AM EDT
This particular Kickstarter project, if successful, would mean that System Shock's remaster is all set to be released with guns blazing. Time to pledge some dough if you would like to ride a wave of nostalgia in the modern day era!

There is nothing quite like nostalgia to bring you back in time without having to have a DeLorean and some crazy physics do the job. Of course, nostalgia is only fun if it is executed well, and so far, Night Dive Studios has done a pretty bang up job when it comes to the proposed remaster of System Shock, the cult first person sci-fi classic title. In fact, a (very) playable demo has already been released on Steam, which should be more than enough to whet the appetite of fanboys and getting them to drool.

So far, Night Dive Studios' Kickstarter efforts will require a rather massive outlay of cash - to the tune of $900,000, to be exact, but if you have already checked out the playable demo and feel that it is worthy cause to pledge your hard earned dollars, then go ahead. It is highly unlikely that one will be disappointed with the final outcome, barring some unforeseen catastrophe or disaster. 

This is not the first time that a video game has appeared over on Kickstarter, as projects such as Mighty No. 9 has pioneered such a path before. Rather than leaving it late to show what the game is capable of, it would be best to keep the interested community updated with the actual goings-on from time to time, and Night Dive Studios have played their cards right so far, especially with the release of its playable demo. Otherwise, people are no doubt going to let the seed of caution and cynicism grow within.

Such an effort was at first assigned to be a "remaster," although Night Dive Studios decided to ditch the label since what they are going to do will be a whole lot more than plastering a slew of new visuals in order to keep up with the times. In order to fully experience the Remaster, it would be best if you had played the original System Shock all those years ago, and rabid fans would most probably also have given the not too old Enhanced Edition a go as well. 

The entire playable demo is not too lengthy in nature, measuring out to be around 10 minutes, being a re-creation of the first 10 minutes from its muse. You play the role of the protagonist, being on board a space station that is simply creepy in nature. Your radio buzzes as someone begs you to look for a weapon - anything to protect yourself, and hearing the fear in that voice ought to make any level headed space adventurer make haste, as corpses that were once human return to life in an effort to rip you to shreds. 

While you cannot do too much in the demo, it has played its role well, baiting newcomers and oldies alike right from the get go. In other words, it delivers the essence of System Shock in a 2016 body, without diluting any of the fear factor involved. Of course, you would need to use your brain power a wee bit in order to solve rudimentary puzzles, but those are just tutorials to help you get started. Here's to Night Dive Studios making it with their System Shock Remaster!

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