Rumor: Google Has 2 Android Wear Smartwatches In The Pipeline

( [email protected] ) Jul 08, 2016 10:21 AM EDT
Word on the street has it that Google is working on a couple of smartwatches that will run on Android Wear while boasting of Google Assistant integration.
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Android Police has managed to get in touch with a reliable source that states how Google intends to work on a couple of Android Wear devices. It sounded as though the reliability rating of this rumor ranks pretty high, which means a tiny pinch of salt should accompany this bit of reporting.

It will not come as a surprise to us at all that the possible two Android Wear smartwatches would be branded alongside the Nexus name, and are set to roll out once the latest generation of Nexus handsets are announced. One of these smartwatches are touted to arrive in a larger form factor with a sporty slant, which translates to having more features such as LTE support, GPS navigation, heart rate monitoring and the like, while the other piece of wearable technology will be smaller in size and miss out on LTE connectivity and GPS support -- which means it is more of a timekeeping device that knows how fast your heart is beating throughout the day.

While rumors will remain rumors until something official comes out from the folks over at Google, Android Police has strong reasons to believe that these two Android Wear devices are currently under development before being primed for a release to the masses. What are some of the highly likely details that will accompany both timepieces?

Both of them are said to sport full circular displays, with the larger of the two being believed to be given the codename Angelfish. Nothing to do with the Finding Dory fever at this moment, we wonder.

Being circular in nature, chances are Angelfish will draw comments that it should look like the existing Moto 360 or perhaps LG's Urbane 2nd Edition LTE. The Angelfish will sport a very distinct design, featuring visible lugs that are accompanied by a smooth housing shape. This segment will curve at the place where the watch band meets the body, accompanied by a trio of buttons. There will be a large circular crown button that is located on the center of the right side of the body, while the other two buttons which are smaller and shorter will sandwich the large one. No idea on the function of these secondary buttons' functions at the moment, but all should be revealed in due time.

The 14mm thick Angelfish will most probably be a "standalone" Android Wear device, taking into consideration how standalone Wear apps were announced by Google to arrive alongside Android Wear 2.0.

As for the other timepiece which is smaller in stature, it has been given the codename Swordfish. Chances are the Swordfish will bring back memories of the Pebble Time Round. As it does not come with an internal screen bezel, the part of the body that surrounds the smartwatch's face will be larger in size. There will be a solitary button located on the right-hand side of the body, where polished metal is the apparent material of choice where the center of the button cap is concerned, while it has a ridged bezel crown. Cited to arrive in silver, titanium, and rose gold shades, this does seem to be a very basic smartwatch.

Regardless of which model you would settle for, both of them will arrive with Google Assistant right out of the box alongside contextual alerts. Looks like we will just have to wait and see for finalized details to materialize.

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