Christian Persecution Intensifies in Central Highlands of Vietnam

The Montagnard Christian Community Perseveres
( [email protected] ) Mar 03, 2004 02:35 PM EST

Vietnam Central Highlands – the situation of Christian Montagnard worsens as cases of persecution in the region persist. According to sources within the Montagnard Foundation, there have been reports of officials using electric shock torture against Christians.

In a case reported Feb. 11 by the Montagnard Foundation, Vietnamese soldiers riding in thirteen vehicles rounded up seven unarmed Montagnard men early in the morning. The group fled, but one Christian, “K’pa Lop” was captured. Then the soldiers proceeded to beat him with batons. Later, witnesses testified to seeing blood dripping from the man’s nose and mouth. Afterwards, the soldiers prodded him with electric rods until he lost conscious. Seven days later, “K’pa Lop” was freed from prison, but continues to suffer from his debilitating injuries.

On the same day of the reported beating, Vietnamese paramilitary officials raided a Montagnard Village, attempting to arrest “Ksor Biun” an active member of the Christian Montagnard community. Failing to locate him in the village, officers promptly destroyed “Ksor Biun’s” home. The infuriate officers, then turned their attention on “Ksor Biun’s” wife and 10 year old daughter “H’Thung.” Under harsh interrogation, the little girl was too terrified to speak. Officers immediately punched and slapped the girls face several times. Apparently, “Ksor Biun” had fled earlier avoiding incarceration for his active role in the Christian community. At the time of this writing, the girl still bears mental and physical from this traumatic treatment.

Despite adverse persecution, Christianity continues to grow in the region. According to a statement issue by the US State Department of International Freedom last year, “despite the government’s restrictions, the number of [Christian] Protestants continued to grow,” and “Protestantism, particularly the house church movement in ethnic minority areas, is the fastest growing religion in the country.” Furthermore, sources within the Montagnard Foundation expressed that the foundation will continue to “continue to speak and act in a non-violent and peaceful way for our persecuted [Christian] brothers and sisters inside Vietnam…”

Though facing much persecution, God continues pouring abundantly grace and blessings on the Montagnard Christian community as Christianity continues flourishing in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.