OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Luxury Edition Hits The US

( [email protected] ) Jul 28, 2016 12:54 PM EDT
Want to have a little bit of bling in your life? You might want to check out the new OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Luxury Edition and be pleasantly surprised that it will cost the same as the regular Joe Graphite option.

Who hates having more money, or in the older days, gold? After all, gold has always been a safe haven that investors run to whenever there is a tumult happening in the world. This scenario has been repeated so many times over, we have started to see the gold revolution hit the consumer electronics market as well. How many of us feel that a regular white or black shade of a particular device simply will not do any more, and having it arrive in gold makes a whole lot more fashionable? This is what the folks over at OnePlus thought -- unveiling the OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Luxury Edition.

This Soft Gold version of OnePlus 3 which was launched in June this year has finally hit the US market, bringing the Midas touch to the third generation flagship. The vanilla version of the OnePlus 3, if you need to know, was available in just one shade -- graphite.

Earlier this week, OnePlus announced that its customers over in the US will be able to gain access to picking up the Soft Gold OnePlus 3 handset Stateside later this year. Apart from that, OnePlus assures its customers that the Soft Gold color that engulfs its flagship device will not arrive in the typical "gaudy gold", but it will certainly be pleasing to the eyes with an elegant look that will get the heart all aflutter.

Forget having various jewels and baubles that adorn the handset, this Soft Gold Luxury Edition of the OnePlus 3 will be demure in nature, making sure that the pocket-friendly price tag will be maintained. Engadget claims that the Soft Gold Luxury Edition of the OnePlus 3 smartphone will retail for $399 a pop -- which is no different from the regular Graphite colored model.

This is a nice gesture on OnePlus’ part, since it shows that there is no discrimination if one were to select a more premium looking device. Those who live in the US will be the first in the world to pick up the Soft Gold Luxury Edition version, while other folks living across the pond, in the Great White North (Canada) and Hong Kong will be able to pick it up on August 1.

As for the hardware specifications, the OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Luxury Edition will feature a 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED 1080p display alongside Gorilla Glass 4 protection. Underneath the hood, you will find the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset run the show, accompanied by 64GB of internal memory and 6GB of RAM that should keep it chugging along pretty nicely for most tasks that you put the handset through.

Apart from that, it should also boast of LTE Cat.6 connectivity, with a 3,000 mAh battery keeping the entire device running for the whole day without missing a beat. If you are a power user who makes plenty use of the OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Luxury Edition, then its Dash Charging capability will come in handy to provide a quick boost in the shortest time possible.

Capturing your favorite moments will also be a snap, since you will find a front-facing selfie camera that features an f/2.0 aperture, while at the back lies a 16-megapixel camera with f/2.0 aperture, optical image stabilization and phase detection autofocus. It runs on Oxygen OS 3.2.2 that has Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow as its base.

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