Kazakhstan Officials Narrowly Dismantle Children’s Ministry

Saved by Faith
( [email protected] ) Mar 03, 2004 04:42 PM EST

Kazakhstan –In an event coming by the sheer grace of God, Kazakhstan government officials renounced rulings to dismantle a children’s ministry. According to sources from Bible Mission International, the head of the children’s ministry was summoned to court on accusations of “illegally” performing Christian ministry outside of church.

BMI spokesmen, Mark Reimschisel said, "He went before the court two times, and of course, he did exactly what they told him to do, and then, we got the good news regarding all the charges that had been brought before the court and all the rulings; that all those had been thrown out and that God had shown Himself victorious."

Though the crisis occurred at “grass-roots” level, many leaders within BMI feel expressed that even small cases like these sets the precedent. Reimschisel commented, “…once you have a precedent like this, it could really thwart what's happened there [in Kazakhstan] in the last couple of years."