Destiny - The Collection Makes September 20 Worldwide Debut With Destiny: Rise Of Iron Leading The Way

Aug 15, 2016 10:05 PM EDT
Destiny - The Collection is one of the largest content offerings in the gaming world is set to launch this September 20, where it will include all releases in the franchise with the latest Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion to keep the other four releases company.
All five Destiny adventures are inside that will arrive this September 20, including the latest large expansion known as Destiny: Rise of Iron. YouTube screengrab

There are movie blockbusters, and then there are video game blockbusters. Destiny - The Collection would fall under the latter, as avid gamers and fans of the Destiny franchise mark September 20 on their calendars. The upcoming large expansion known as Destiny: Rise of Iron will be part of Destiny - The Collection in its worldwide release next month, ensuring that whoever picks up the title will not regret it since you get to play right from the very beginning if you so desire, or to simply skip to Destiny: Rise of Iron and complete it, before tackling the "backstories", so to speak.

This particular announcement was made by Bungie and Activision Publishing, Inc., where the latter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. Destiny - The Collection is bound to be one of the largest content offerings in the gaming world to debut in 2016. After all, when you have content that includes all the releases from an award-winning action shooter franchise, and when you are done with that, you can indulge in the newest expansion which is promised to be large, you can be sure that plenty of hours will be invested in the title. Heck, it might even cause you to practice good time management between this and your Pokemon Go outings.

Of course, you can also choose to play the game backwards -- by enjoying the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion first before playing the other four earlier games, in no particular order. It is up to you, really. Destiny – The Collection has opened up the door for new Guardians to come aboard in the fight for humanity’s survival.

Legacy gen players will find that Destiny – The Collection paves the way to make the jump for enjoying Destiny on a current gen console via the upgrade program. This upgrade program will kick off today, and it will continue all the way until January 31, 2017. With Destiny – The Collection set to launch with Rise of Iron in tow this coming September 20, 2016, gamers worldwide will be able to enjoy it on the Sony PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Do take note that PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold are compulsory when it comes to selected features, and those who pre-purchase Destiny – The Collection digitally can also enjoy Destiny, The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King immediately, without having to try your patience in waiting for Rise of Iron to roll out.

Those who have decided to place a pre-order for Destiny – The Collection or Rise of Iron will be on the receiving end of the black and silver colored Iron Gjallarhorn. The Iron Gjallarhorn is a fan favorite weapon that is all set to return, which should see the chatter of excitement go up. As for folks who drop their pre-order digitally or at select retailers, they too, will enjoy the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow.

Destiny – The Collection has been rated T for Teen by the ESRB, and it will come with an asking price of $59.99 a pop. PlayStation gamers will also be able to obtain exclusive content for Rise of Iron in addition to a timed exclusive until at least Fall next year at launch. Would this give a slight edge to those who are still wondering whether to get a copy for the Xbox One or the PS4?

Byron Beede, Sr. Vice President of Destiny at Activision, shared, “Destiny – The Collection is the perfect starting point for gamers who have yet to experience Destiny. Destiny – The Collection contains some of the most engaging content Bungie has ever created and the soon-to-be released Rise of Iron. It also includes a character boost that will allow new players to instantly join in with friends who are already enjoying Destiny.”

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