Christian Television Group Airs 24/7 in the Middle East and North Africa

Touching the Hearts of Thousands in the Muslim World
( [email protected] ) Mar 03, 2004 05:55 PM EST

In a recent decision, Christian television group SAT-7 announced that it would be airing 24 hours a day, seven times a week. As a media group, SAT-7 has had dreams of witnessing to many lost souls, and to expose false teachings that the Muslim world has directed at the Gospel, the Christian church, and Christ. With television sets becoming more and more accessible to even poor families, SAT –7 sees airing to the Muslim word as a method of fulfilling this dream. After tirelessly facing long waking hours and sleepless nights, the crew of SAT-7 proudly announced that broadcasting to the Christians and Muslims alike was possible.

This small victory comes with great joy to the dedicated staff of SAT –7. In the previous eight years, SAT- 7 was only able to air for 2 hours per week. Many of SAT-7’s faithful viewers face risks of imprisonment and even death for viewing the shows. However, many viewers remained strengthened the broadcasted testimonies of many courageous followers of Christ whom have laid down their lives for God.

Through broadcasting the message of God’s love, SAT-7 hopes to lay the foundation for the spirit of Christ to touch the hearts of the many lost souls of the Muslim world.