AT&T Introduces Mobile Share Advantage, Mobile Data Plans Overages Fees Removed

Aug 18, 2016 08:27 PM EDT
Mosquitoes and overages fees in data plans have one thing in common -- they are both annoying, so it is nice to see AT&T remove the overages fees in their mobile data plans to carve a smile on the consumer's face with the unveiling of Mobile Share Advantage.
AT&T joins Verizon in 5G testing. AT&T

AT&T is moving forward by removing its overages fees from its mobile data plans, and this move is set to be available from August 21, 2016 onward. It has been quite a long time in coming, and it should provide a smile of relief on the faces of its subscribers. The revised range of monthly service plans have been revealed, where it will be known as Mobile Share Advantage.

Mobile Share Advantage is all set to debut this coming August 21st (what a way to start off the first day of the week with, don’t you think so?), where prices will be friendly on your monthly budget as well, starting from $30 and going north from there. AT&T will also change the amount of data from which you can pick from yet again, where the data allotments will be distributed as such: 1GB for $30, 3GB for $40, 6GB for $60, 10GB for $80, 16GB for $90, 25GB for $110, and 30GB for $135.

Do also bear in mind that one is required to take into consideration a device access charge for the kind of devices that you are currently rocking to on that particular account. Smartphones that are purchased at full price, or purchased via AT&T Next, or simply a "bring your own" handset -- all of those will set you back by another $20 every single month with Mobile Share Advantage .

Certainly the different kinds of data packages offered with Mobile Share Advantage are simply outrageous when you take into consideration how T-Mobile has just announced that their will be bringing back unlimited wireless data for iPhone owners, not to mention how mobile data is a whole lot more affordable in other countries per GB. For instance, in Malaysia, you will be able to obtain 5GB of data for RM50 (we have to take a dollar to dollar comparison as opposed to currency conversion in such a case) on one of the postpaid plans, while a prepaid mobile carrier will be able to offer 3GB of data for RM30 on average.

At least there will be no more overages fees with Mobile Share Advantage, which spells the end of being slapped with another $15 for an extra 1GB of data used. Rather, Mobile Share Advantage will see AT&T reduce your connection speed to a skin crawling 128kbps the moment you have gone past your monthly data plan. This does away with any kind of bill shock, and thankfully, you can always top up your account if you need additional high-speed data.

AT&T claims that with Mobile Share Advantage, its customers will gain more bang for their hard earned buck. AT&T's reigning data bucket champ was the 15GB data bucket at $100 per month, but now the new 16GB Mobile Share Advantage plan is going for just $90 each month, making it a no brainer as to which particular data bucket you can choose from.

Regardless of which plan you pick under Mobile Share Advantage, they all share similar core features such as unlimited talk, unlimited text messaging, mobile hotspot support, rollover data, unlimited texting to more than 120 countries, and unlimited texting and calling from the United States to either Canada or Mexico.

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