Missionary Awaits Court Trial in Nepal

Former Cellmate Continues to Testify on his Behalf
( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 04:46 AM EST

Nepal – Missionary Pastor Manja Tamang remains incarcerated by Nepalese government officials after being falsely accused of murder by local anti-Christians of in 2002. Staying in prison since 2000, Manja continues to waits patiently in jail having faith that by God's grace he would be freed from his confinement. However, after staying in prison for two years without trial, Manja was formerly indicted by Nepalese officials for the crime he did not commit.

Manja, after receiving Christ in 1997 devoted his life to following the life of Christ. For three years, Manja established many churches and mission bases for Nepalese Christian missions. However, as God's kingdom gained much victories through Manja's devotion, many work of the anti-Christ was at hand. In 2000, anti-gospel locals falsely accused Manja of murder and had him dragged into court.

Despite facing such grave injustice, Manja continues to live his life beautifully. While in prison Manja continues proclaiming the gospel with kindness and love. Not even the metal bars of prison could restrain him from the spreading the loving word of God. Never losing hope, Manja manage to evangelize even his cellmate Phengzing exactly four months later.

"I was greatly influenced by watching Manja in prison," Phengzing later testified. "I wanted to be like him in speech, thought, knowledge and everyday life. Manja's smile always reminded me of his clean heart." After his release from prison in April 2002, the first thing that Phengzing did as a physically and spiritually freedman was to purchase a bible and hymnbook, and spread the gospel to many in Nepal. Currently, Phengzing is involved with ministries in the Believers Church of Marpur – a ministry started by Manja himself.

Christian mission organization Gospel for Asia has also worked diligently in speaking on the behalf of Manja. Already, the organization has pressured government officials to retry Manja’s case. After much bureaucratic fumbling and announcements of retrial, government officials have set Manja's retrial date on March 18 of this year. Though Manja has been in prison for four years already, Manja's wife and two children remain strong in Christ. Despite having to survive on her own with two children, through the grace of God, she remains strong in faith. At the time of this writing, Manja's wife is the head of women and children's ministries.

As Manja’s continues to suffer from persecution, the Gospel for Asia organization continues to ask for prayers in the hope that Manja would be set free soon.