'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Release and Updates: Tyler Posey Reveals New Group of Villains and Scott McCall's No-Relationship Goals

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As fans look forward to the premiere of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 in November, a number of details about the final installment have been revealed by the cast themselves, including a set of new villains and Scott's single status.
Tyler Posey for the 'Teen Wolf' panel at the 2013 Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA Photo: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons / CC

As fans look forward to the premiere of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 in November, a number of details about the final installment have been revealed by the cast themselves.

While Beacon Hills’ alpha male, Scott McCall, and his storyline remain unclear, it is expected that Tyler Posey’s character will not be involved in any romantic relationship in the upcoming season. The showrunners have allowed the series’ main character to spend more time in thinking things over on his own, and not necessarily have a partner to bring influence to his decisions.

In an interview with BuddyTV during the San Diego Comic-Con, Posey opened up about his character’s relationship with Theo, played by Cody Christian, as well as his love life and other possibilities in ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6. The 24-year-old actor also things the new installment will be “more mature” compared to previous ones.

Aside from Scott being single and getting to know himself better, Posey also discussed the addition of new villains in the sixth season- the Ghost Riders. Such antagonists are known for kidnapping people and erasing their memories, and are expected to snatch Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’ Brien) this time.

The actor also mentioned a “wild hunt” being brought to Beacon Hills by these Ghost Riders.

“The Wild Hunt is essentially...this supernatural storm that comes and it's passing through Beacon Hills because of all the crazy stuff that's happening in Beacon Hills right now,” he explained. “The storm is full of these Ghost Riders and they're essentially these gnarly cowboys that grab your soul and take you to some other place. Something happened so that the Wild Hunt cannot leave Beacon Hills."

The Ghost Riders are noticeably different from the ones Scott and his pack have dealt with in the past seasons, bringing much more struggle to the gang when it comes to stopping them.

In addition, Posey assured fans that ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 will be more straightforward and less confusing compared to previous installments. Scott will be less threatened by Theo this time but will decide to let him stick around to add power to his pack.

Showrunner Jeff Davis has also offered a ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 update, announcing during the show’s SDCC panel the details he expects to see on ‘the new season given that it will be the series’ last installment.

"When we realized this might be the last season, we wanted to make sure we brought back these relationships,” Davis shared. “We definitely wanted Peter Hale back to see the relationship between Peter and Malia and what other trouble Peter could get into... and we also have some great scenes between Peter and Stiles. I wanted to see again and Ian and Dylan [O'Brien] have some great stuff this season so we'll see."

The 'Teen Wolf' season 6 release date has been set on Nov. 15 on MTV. The official teaser trailer can be viewed below.

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