Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism Plans for World Forum

Will be Held in Thailand 2004
( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 04:46 AM EST

In recent developments, the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism is making plans to hold an international conference in Thailand in September 2004. The goal of the conference is to discuss current issues confronting evangelism in the world.

According to the brochure issued by the Lausanne Committee, the forum will discuss 24 issues. Each of the 24 issues discussed solutions for issues discussed will be divided into three categories of discussion: Whole World, Whole Church, and Whole Gospel.

The Whole World mainly confronts the current geopolitical and cultural issues in the world. As evangelism often requires outreach in different places in the world, the panel responsible for discussing this particular seeks to talk about global issues that might confront world missions and solutions or ways to deal with them. Such issues include globalization and the rise in persecution of Christians in the world today.

The Whole Church categories mainly deals with problems and issues concerning the current state of churches all over the world. Such issues include discussion concerning the future leadership, the two-thirds church, and prayer in evangelism.

The last category discussed will concern the Whole Gospel issues. Generally, the issue will pertain to discussion topics concerning methods of evangelism such as evangelizing to the youth, media and technology, redemption of the arts, and racial reconciliation. It is hoped that through this discussion more effective methods to spread evangelism in the United States will occur.

As many major leaders have showed considerable interests in attending the conference, it is hoped that the many good precedents will be set and decided at the conference so that world missions will continue to flourish for years to come in the 21st century.