Honda Civic Hatchback 2017 Release Date: Latest News and Updates On Honda’s Best Selling Sedan

( [email protected] ) Sep 21, 2016 09:27 AM EDT
The 2017 Honda Civic will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show 2016. What can we consumers expect from this top selling sedan model from Honda?
The 2017 Honda Civic hatchback spotted from its rear, where it is ready and waiting to be deployed in Europe. Autocar

Each successive generation in the vehicle industry should be toasted and hailed as an achievement. After all, it is not easy to have a particular model or line arrive at the 10th generation, but Japanese automaker Honda has made that happen with the 2017 Honda Civic hatchback. It promises to be an all-new ride,

The 2017 Honda Civic hatchback has had its fair share of teasers and concept cars spotted in recent memory, and that is to be expected since it is a new exciting ride. In fact, US-spec cars have also been caught in action of being delivered on transporters. At last, the world will finally get a glimpse of what folks in the UK will get with the 2017 Honda Civic. The hatchback will go on sale in Europe in early 2017, while sales will start in the US soon after. 

The 2017 Honda Civic in the UK will be a five-door hatchback, and while folks living Stateside will be able to purchase it sooner rather than later, those living across the pond will only be able to do so from early 2017 onward. Needless to say, the 2016 Paris Motor Show will be Honda’s main attraction, and as you will see, it is not too difficult to figure out why.

According to Honda, the 2017 Honda Civic is the culmination of a significant step forward for Honda, where it has gained plenty of strides in terms of its development. For starters, there will be new turbo engines for the 2017 Honda Civic which should get your pulses racing if you are a true, blue motorhead.

From the get go, the 2017 Honda Civic will arrive with a choice of two all-new turbocharged petrol engines. There will be no diesel option at first, but this does not mean such an option will be ruled out from the future. Honda thinks that the best selling model will be the 127bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo, where it can be mated to either a six-speed manual or CVT automatic gearbox.

For those who want some extra bite, a more powerful 180bhp 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine is also in the pipeline that will sport similar transmission options. Performance figures and fuel economy remain unknown as at press time, but do expect an announcement to be made regarding that matter as the 2017 Honda Civic inches closer to its sale date in 2017.

Since the 2017 Honda Civic is set to appear in 70 global markets without much alteration, Honda looks set to concentrate on the two petrol engines first. Expect to see a heavily revised version of the existing 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel by the time 2017 comes to a close, and that model ought to bring with it better fuel economy and a performance boost.

Honda has not ruled out the possibility of a hybrid model being part of the 2017 Honda Civic lineup, which should see it go head-to-head with the Toyota Prius. All in all, it does look like the 2017 Honda Civic is going to be a resounding success yet again in the various markets it will appear, extending the legendary model's lifespan that will surely see many more generations down the road. 


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