iMac 2016 Release Date and Updates: October 2016 Release With Intel Kaby Lake Processor in Tow

( [email protected] ) Sep 23, 2016 09:48 AM EDT
Is it time for a new iMac? It looks like Apple is headed in that direction based on the latest rumors and hearsay, where we should see it include the Intel Kaby Lake processor.
iMac Retina 5K Display

The product life cycle for consumer electronics move at a faster pace than ever before, but this is not a hard and fast rule for certain products. Apple has a tendency to release new products each year, and their new iPhone tends to create most of the hype. How about the machine that helped Apple return to its pinnacle all those years back? Yes, I am referring to the revolutionary iMac, which changed the way we looked at desktop machines when it was introduced in August 1998. What about this year? Rumors do point to a possible announcement of the iMac 2016 some time in early October.

Whispers on the street point to high end specifications for the iMac 2016, but we will simply have to wait until a formal announcement is made in October, if that happens. Many of the rumors were based on Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent statement that Apple remains extremely committed to the iMac range, and the new iMac 2016 will carry a fair bit of surprises under the hood.

There might be a minor speed bump in the whole setup though: the iMac 2016 might see a delay should Apple decide to introduce the Intel Kaby Lake processors in the desktop computer. Apart from that, there is a possibility that Apple could stick to the AMD Zen chipset so that the iMac 2016 will be able to achieve an early release.

HNGN trumpets the possibility that the Apple iMac 2016 should be a machine that will be able to turn gamers' heads, thanks to the high end processor within as well as graphical performance. It might even sport an AMD Radeon 400 Series Polaris GPU -- who knows?

LG Electronics will be the ones behind the monitors for the iMac 2016 which should be able to support 5K resolution as before. Not only that, AMD rolled out their RX 470 and RX 480 on Polaris 10 architecture not too long ago, so it would not be surprising to see that Apple goes ahead to incorporate either one in the iMac 2016.

These GPUs from AMD will definitely be able to deliver a high end gaming experience, not to mention keep up with the times by offering a seamless gaming experience on top of an immersive VR session. Without a doubt, the iMac 2016 should also feature the Thunderbolt 3 port to go along with USB 3.1 support in order to maintain its decorum as a high end machine.

It might not be too far fetched either to guess that the iMac 2016 could be integrated with AR and VR technology, since AMD's Polaris graphics cards are able to support VR technology. With macOS Sierra, this would be the wet dream of every Apple fan who are on the lookout for an All-in-One PC.

Well, what do you think will the iMac 2016 bring to the table? It might just be the machine that will end up as a legend among corporate and gaming circles if everything speculated comes to light, but we will have to wait for a little while longer to find out.

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