No Man's Sky 1.09 Update News: Audio Changes Welcomed

( [email protected] ) Sep 23, 2016 10:58 AM EDT
The latest 1.09 update for No Man's Sky is certain to see changes in the audio. Hopefully it will end up with a better gameplay experience, too.
Along with its release date, Hello Games’ survival video game ''No Man’s Sky'' has been revealed to be a full retail game and it will be released for more than $60. Twitter/@hellogames

Ah, there is nothing quite like having the latest update to a particular software, operating system, or game. No Man's Sky 1.09 is now available for download on PS4, and it is no shrinking violet at more than 730MB of free space required. However, with an update of that size, you can be sure that there will be plenty of ringing changes in the equation thanks to Hello Games.

So far, no formal announcement had been made concerning the No Man's Sky 1.09 update, and neither has Hello Games revealed its developer notes, but this does not mean it is not ready for a rollout. While No Man's Sky 1.09 does look as though it is available for the PS4 only at the moment, the experimental Patch Steam page has seen an update not to long ago.

Positive reports have flowed in by folks who have already given the No Man's Sky 1.09 update a go. They claim that the frame-per-second performance has improved, and so too, is item stacking a thing of the past, to be consigned to the gaming museum.

It does not seem as though the No Man's Sky 1.09 update will see new features thrown into the mix, but Hello Games have confirmed that they intend to expand on the current gameplay mechanics. Does this mean we will be able to experience newer gameplay mechanics some time down the road? Only time will be able to tell.

At this point in time, the No Man’s Sky team is putting in all of their effort in removing and squashing bugs on the PS4 and PC, and afterwards, new updates that will improve the gameplay should be in line. After all, missing gameplay mechanics have been a major issue ever since No Man’s Sky was released, so it is fair to see this bit fixed in due time.

No Man’s Sky Audio director Paul Weir has also revealed new details concerning the No Man's Sky 1.09 content update, with fans being teased with the confirmation of new audio or music heading their way. In a series of tweets, he summed it up this way, "Nope, no audio changes yet. There will be for our first content update. New music is in the works, haven't finalised exactly when it will make it into the game, but as soon as I can. Just to be CLEAR, I'm not promising when the new music will go in, just as soon as we can. There will be new audio regardless."

In the full list of patch notes for No Man’s Sky 1.09 on PS4, we do know that it is now much more robust at recovering corrupted save files. Not only that, it is no longer possible for players to circumnavigate obtaining the Antimatter blueprint using very specific steps, leaving some players stranded in their second system. The Exosuit messaging system also no longer confuses “on planet” and “docked in station” visor notifications, so that you know where your Starship is at all times. Some terrain resources that were described as indestructible and therefore unmineable have been fixed, while drone vandalism detection have also improved. Pulsedrive systems now fully offline during warping, and players are no longer able to open crates of any type if their inventory is full, no matter the contents, preventing loss of resources.

Well, with all of the changes made, are you enjoying your No Man's Sky experience with update 1.09?

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