Fujifilm And Michael Kors Blings Up Life with The Instax Mini 70 Camera

( [email protected] ) Sep 26, 2016 09:55 AM EDT
Fujifilm and Michael Kors team up to deliver the Instax Mini 70 camera which targets fashionistas.

Art and fashion tend to go together, and hence it is far from surprising to see that Fujifilm has worked with Michael Kors to deliver a gold colored Michael Kors edition of the Instax Mini 70 camera. Those who want a little bit more bling in their instant camera will definitely do well with this special gold colored edition. Available since September 21 onward, the Instax Mini 70 will arrive fully decked out in bling.

The striking metallic gold color is not the only thing that will take your breath away as you snap with this special edition of the Instax Mini 70. Right within the Instax Mini 70 lies the special ability to be able to print photos on the spot -- something which is also made available thanks to the I-1 Polaroid-Type Camera which was introduced to the masses via the Impossible Project earlier in the year.

The design of the Instax Mini 70 Camera would be its standout feature, and while there is some functionally incorporated, that does not seem to be the main feature of the Instax Mini 70 camera. This particular camera has been touted to be a "one-of-a-kind collaboration" with Michael Kors, and no doubt about it that someone like Kors would grab any and all opportunities to ride the wave of high visibility when it comes to his brand and designs.

Kors' hand in the camera design is obviously showcased in the attractive metallic gold color that adorns the exterior. Is it all golden then, you ask? Well, not using rechargeable batteries in this day and age can be considered to be a cardinal sin for mobile devices, as the Instax Mini 70 camera will be powered by Cr2 lithium batteries instead. However, it must be noted that those who invest in the camera are able to replace the batteries onboard with rechargeable versions, but you won't be able to use branded batteries in this manner. How much more convenient it would be if the Instax Mini 70 Camera were able to be recharged via USB just like the Impossible I-1?

Film required when it comes to creating instant photos also do not come cheap, and the $149 price tag attached to the Instax Mini 70 Camera would quickly be outstripped by the amount of film that you purchase down the road, especially if you are extremely enthusiastic in capturing photos everywhere you go, all the while maintaining the school of thought that it works in the same way as a digital camera: have storage, will snap!

Forget about digital photos with the Instax Mini 70 Camera, as this shooter has drawn up very clear lines on what it is supposed to do and be: an instant camera that looks good on the outside with a touch of nostalgia thanks to the use of film. This is one shooter that does not allow you to share what you have captured with the rest of your mates on social media, and hence there is also no express need for Fujifilm to throw in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Hardware features of the Instax Mini 70 Camera comprise of a 60mm lens with two elements, picture size of 62mm x 46mm, a viewfinder, and a flash. It will arrive in markets from next month onward, and will be accompanied by a range of accessories which are also the creation of Michael Kors.



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