Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date, Mega Evolutions Confirmed, Demo Rumors

( [email protected] ) Sep 29, 2016 12:34 AM EDT
Are you looking forward to getting hold of Pokemon Sun and Moon? If you have answered in the affirmative, then brace yourself this November 18, 2016, as the title hits the Nintendo 3DS. Mega Evolutions have also been confirmed.
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The Pokemon steamrollers just keeps on going -- and the latest whispers that we have going around point to Pokemon Sun and Moon arriving on the Nintendo 3DS this coming November 18. Apart from you circling that date on your respective calendars (digital or otherwise), you might also be pleased to know that there might just be a demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon arriving real soon.

Recent tweets from the webmaster of Serebii.net, Joe Merrick, are not all that specific, but they do hold enough water to point to an update in terms of a demo. One of his tweets mentioned that Nintendo Italy had already announced how the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo will not make it for the soon-to-happen Milan Games Week -- which means there is a demo in reality, it just has not been “caught” yet. I can just imagine the scenes playing in the minds of many Poke-fans: “A wild Pokemon Sun demo appeared!” with the accompanying background music.

However, further thought given to such an announcement might actually cause one to pause and ponder. Don’t you think that it is rather weird to mention in a press release of something that will not make an appearance? Is this a red herring, or a cruel, cruel teaser for us Poke-fans? Only time will be able to separate the truth from all the smokescreen.

The first signs of a Pokemon Sun and Moon demo appeared on a Korean ratings board leak earlier this September, and Nintendo has remained graciously mum concerning the reality of its existence. Hence, it is rather strange to hear Nintendo Italy confirm that the demo will not debut over at the Milan Games Week in Italy. Still, since there is no source press release that will help us ascertain this claim for sure, one might want to take things with a pinch of salt. The Milan Games Week is set to run from October 14 all the way to 16, and hence, if a Pokemon Sun and Moon demo were to be released, then it should be within the 30 day period before the November 18 release date.

Some have even gone to lengths to speculate that the demo itself is up for download by October 14, while others claim differently. However, we do look forward to next month as that should be when the next Pokemon Sun and Moon leak should arrive from Japan, and it would be nice to know if that leak will be a demo -- or not.

Mega Evolutions have also been confirmed for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and a new Eeveelution will be part of the deal. Word has it that the next level of evolution for Eevee would be a Steel Type Pokemon, but we can only keep our fingers crossed.

To further confirm the existence of a Mega Evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon, a screenshot of a story from a Japanese magazine points to that, where the article claims that Jangmo-o's Soundproof ability will be able to block the Hyper Voice of Mega Gardevoir. That should be more solid proof in the proverbial pudding.

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