Clash of Clans September Update Delayed, New Release Date in Limbo

( [email protected] ) Sep 29, 2016 12:37 AM EDT
It looks like the highly anticipated Clash of Clans update for the month of September has entered limbo, with the delay not having a new official release date just yet. Some speculate that October will see the release of this delayed update.
There does not seem to be a new official release date for the delayed update in the near future, although October 2016 has been one of the months thrown about. Clash of Clans

October is already knocking on our doors, and we have yet to hear anything about the Clash of Clans September update. This has no doubt left fans of Supercell’s freemium mobile MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) strategy title scratching their heads, wondering just when will the September update be released. Will it even be revealed in due time, or will it be glossed over for the next update? What is going on behind the delay of the Clash of Clans September update?

So far, no official date has been mentioned for the Clash of Clans September update to be released, and even if it has been pushed back to October, there has been no mention of the new release date for fans to look forward to, either. We do know that not too long ago, the Clash of Clans servers were upgraded. This was part of a "server upkeep” exercise, which is supposedly meant to prepare Clash of Clans for new updates.

The Clash of Clans community believed that the server upkeep was a necessary exercise in order to ensure that the September patch or update will be able to make its debut. However, we are just a couple more days into September before our calendars make the jump to October, and no official update has been released by Supercell yet.

Apart from that, we have very little clue on what the new features in the alleged September update will carry. Whispers on the street point to the arrival of Town Hall 12 as well as sweeping changes that might alter the gameplay on the whole. Still, Supercell has not stepped up to the plate to confirm nor deny the rumors.

With such uncertainty swirling all over the place, there does seem to be one sure bet in all of the confusion. A new Clash of Clans mode is set to arrive, being known as the Clan Challenge mode. In Clan Challenge mode, players will be able to set up friendly war requests to another clan. When two of these clans agree, then the challenge will kick off with preparation day coming first.

The last Clash of Clans update was released in August this year, and that update failed to excite fans of the title, which could be why the weight of expectations for the alleged September update has grown -- perhaps to a burden that is too heavy for Supercell to shoulder. Apart from that, Supercell did inform the masses of their plans to roll out another update, a massive one, according to Headlines & Global News.

In other Clash of Clans news, one of Supercell’s admins did announce over the studio’s official forum that the scheduled livestreaming of Ground Vs. Air is on, so you might want to keep October 9 free on your calendars in order to catch some of the action. Ground Vs. Air will see teams of 5 players each take their pick between ground and air troops, and then do battle against one another. Supercell will be the ones offering maxed out TH 11 accounts for this particular event. It should be a blockbuster for sure!

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