Destiny 2 Release Date and News: Leak Points To PC Release In 2017 With Character Reset

( [email protected] ) Sep 30, 2016 12:07 PM EDT
Destiny 2 looks set to debut on the PC as Xbox One and PS4 owners can also look forward to the game.
A leaked image from the upcoming Destiny 2 title. Behance/Reddit

The latest Destiny 2 leak does lead us to a three pronged release for the upcoming title: on the Sony PS4, Xbox One and PC. Needless to say, the PC release would be one that catches everyone by surprise, since the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been confirmed a long time ago. Apart from that, Bungie’s Destiny 2 has always appeared on the console platform only, so to see the PC being the third spearhead of the game is certainly encouraging. However, Destiny 2 for the PC will arrive only in 2017, without a firm release date attached to it.

Kotaku claims that the development of Destiny 2 is being overseen by a rather huge team of developers from Bungie, in addition to those from Vicarious Visions which falls under the purview of Activision. Vicarious Visions’ claim to fame would be the Skylanders title.

Despite the fact that Destiny 2 will arrive with total character resets, Bungie remains committed to ensure that Destiny 2 would be a proper sequel. This does not mean delivering the same old, same old over and over again. Instead, Destiny 2 will see gamers be able to enjoy totally new areas and activities, among others.

If there is a case study from the past that can be pulled out as an example, the closest would be the difference between Diablo and Diablo 2. Bungie intends to introduce populated towns, outposts and quests to each planet in Destiny 2, which will certainly ensure that patrol missions are no longer the snooze fests of yore as additional action is introduced to the mix.

Destiny 2 has the smell of a totally new game that was developed from scratch, where it intends to fix anything that was deemed to be a stumbling block in the original game. In fact, it is also touted to arrive with a new activity model called "play-in destinations." Such play-in destinations will bring about notable alterations to the in-game functions of the original title.

Word has it that Destiny 2 will be directed by The Taken King director Luke Smith, and joining forces with him will be executive producer Mark Noseworthy. How soon will Destiny 2 arrive? We do not really know, but with the fourth and last DLC for Destiny, known as “Rise of Iron” released, Destiny 2 should not be too far away from the horizon since there is less distraction for the developers. For those who would want to jump aboard the Destiny bandwagon from the beginning all the way to Rise of Iron, you can always pick up the Destiny Collection. The Destiny Collection is available for the PS4 and Xbox One, where it boasts of the original title as well as all other subsequent expansions.

Existing characters might not see the light of day in Destiny 2 as well, but this does not mean that they will disappear completely as they can still play the role of being an important NPC and player character.

All in all, do treat what you have read with more than a pinch of salt since nothing has been confirmed in black and white just yet.

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