NFL Trade Rumors: Paxton Lynch Could Leave the Denver Broncos

( [email protected] ) Oct 03, 2016 06:31 AM EDT
Will Paxton Lynch be traded? Read all about the latest NFL trade rumors that might see your favorite players stay put or leave for (supposedly) greener pastures.
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Being young and hungry is what rookie Paxton Lynch is -- as this 22-year old is currently being groomed to be a quarterback of the future for the Denver Broncos, although that might not happen at this point in time. After all, with Trevor Siemian being a revelation for the Denver Broncos this season, it certainly looks as though playing time for Paxton Lynch will be rather limited.

Being a professional athlete is certainly not an easy task, considering the huge amounts of money that you earn throughout your playing career and the temptations that come with it. Of course, the higher the paycheck, the bigger the expectations that fans have for that ‘superstar’. The other factor that holds a player back from being traded or signing a new contract with a different team would be the amount of playing time. Being paid top dollar but benched through the season can be rather stifling, and this is something that young backup quarterback Paxton Lynch will need to think about.

We do know that coach Gary Kubiak has had Siemian on his radar for some time already, and his acquisition has been nothing but justified. Trevor Siemian might be in his third year in the NFL, but he has displayed a kind of maturity that goes beyond his years -- his positional sense and ability to tip games in the Brocos’ favor could see Siemian be a staple face for a long, long time to come.

Where does that leave Paxton Lynch then? Is it possibly time for Lynch to make a move? While Lynch might be still wet behind the ears and could learn a lot from the more experienced players around him, his talent will remain benched if he is not given adequate playing time. If there is no rotational policy in the Denver Broncos, it would not make sense for Lynch to remain there as long as Siemian continues to dazzle on the field. Cruel but practical.

However, there is always some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, and it looks like the Broncos’ Trevor Siemian has suffered from an AC joint sprain in his non-throwing shoulder. This saw the quarterback being stretchered off the field in today's game against the Buccaneers. It happened after Siemian was sacked by defensive tackle Clinton McDonald late in the second quarter. This resulted in what looked to be some level of discomfort which was clearly visible to everyone, and rookie Paxton Lynch was introduced as a replacement.

Perhaps breaks like this are what Lynch needs, although to be fair to Siemian and fans of the Broncos, they would hate to see any of their players injured and would like to have their strongest line up on the field possible for each match. It remains to be seen how long will Siemian take to recover from the latest injury though.

Do you think that Lynch should develop his skills by picking up playing time in a different team? The Chicago Bears do seem to be a team that could make use of a man of such talent, and both Lynch and the Bears did meet before the 2016 NFL Draft -- so that could be an opening.

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