iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Latest News, Rumors And Specs

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What does Apple have in store for the next generation of iPad Pro and iPad mini? They could arrive as the iPad Pro 2 and iPad mini 5.
Apple recently released an advertisement for the new iPad Pro, drawing attention to a 30-second footage about the tablet’s ability to replace computers. Photo: Apple

iPad Pro 2: 3 variants coming?

Spring 2017 should see Apple introduce a new iPad Pro 2 -- in three different versions, to boot. Now that would certainly set tongues wagging for sure! Japanese blog Macotakara claims that there will be two new iPad Pros in different sizes, while there might also be a new 7.9-inch iPad mini (aka iPad mini 5) which will fall under the iPad Pro family as well, with that particular model arriving with a quartet of speakers as well as a smart connector that can be found on existing iPad Pros.

What of the two new sizes for the iPad Pro 2? We could very well be looking at an all-new 10.1-inch iPad Pro 2 which sports a 12MP camera at the back with improved True Tone flash. Still, such dimensions are not set in concrete, as reliable Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo claims otherwise, pointing to a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2 instead. Macotakara continues down the road of rumors with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 that will also arrive with a 12MP shooter and True Tone flash, but that’s about it in terms of leaked hardware specifications. One thing is for sure -- there will be no dual camera setup as found on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Macotakara did lay claim that the new iPad Pro 2 will continue to maintain the 3.5mm audio jack, quite unlike the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that decided to ditch it in favor of wireless earbuds, the AirPods. Of course, with all of these being nothing but rumors, it is always wise to take it with a grain of salt -- or perhaps a few pinches in this case until next spring gets closer.

iPad mini 5: Hardware rumors and possible March 2017 release date

The tablet market might be on the wane, but Apple still controls a sizeable amount of market share, and they do not look like they are going to relinquish it anytime soon. In fact, there are already whispers of a new iPad mini 5 that is set to be released some time in March 2017. What can we expect from the all new iPad mini 5 when it arrives?

It is touted to be the iPad Pro 2 mini that we talked about in passing above. You can say that the iPad mini 5 is long overdue as the iPad mini 4 was released in September last year. That model proved to be quite the winning combination, as it came with unique design changes, better specifications, and a slew of new features which trounced the 8-inch tablet competition. However, “progress” has more or less stalled since, which is why word of an iPad mini 5 does lift up the spirits.

Why March 2017 for the iPad mini 5? It should be the same time frame as when the previous iPad Pro was released at the end of March this year, and with the new iPad Pro 2 set for an unveil next year, why not? In terms of pricing we should always take a look at what the past offered: the iPad mini 4 arrived at $399 a pop for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, with the 64GB and 128GB models being available as well. This might mean the base model for the iPad mini 5 will also be $399 as it arrives, following Apple’s pricing tradition for new releases.

In terms of design, the iPad mini 5 might be thinner than before, being made out of aluminium for added durability. This is important if it will in fact be thinner to combat against possibilities of bending. There might also be the 3D Touch pressure-sensitive screen technology incorporated within, and certainly waterproofing and dust-resistance would be more than welcomed. Expect the iPad mini 5 to arrive with iOS 10 pre-installed, accompanied by an 8MP shooter at the back with a 1.2MP front-facing camera. The processor should also be a step up -- A9 preferably, and there might not be a 16GB entry level model any more to go along with the times, as starting with 32GB makes much more sense.

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