Syrian Refugees Admitted to US: Muslims Outnumber Christians by 12,587 to 68

Oct 04, 2016 09:51 AM EDT

The State Department Refugee Processing Center is certainly very busy with the amount of work that they have on their hands. Basically, they need to keep track of the number of refugees that are making their way all over the world, and this is no mean task even with the help of technology in this modern day and age. The most recent figures that the State Department Refugee Processing Center have released do point to a rather wide disparity between Syrian refugees who are from a Muslim background as well as those who profess Christ.

According to CNSNews in July 25, 2016, with State Department data as its reference, there were 12,587 Syrian refugees who have been admitted in Fiscal Year 2016 which ended on September 30, 2016. Out of the 12,587 Syrian refugees, a whopping majority of them: 12,486 to be exact, were identified as Muslims, with the remaining while 68 being Christians.

If one were to look at those figures in a greater amount of detail, 12,363 (or 98.2 percent) of them are Sunni Muslims, with 103 refugees carrying the identity of plain Muslims, while a mere 20 of them called themselves as Shi’a Muslims. No Ahmadiyyas in the group then. As for the 68 Syrian refugees who are Christian, this group of 0.5 percent saw 16 Catholics, eight Orthodox, five Protestants, four Jehovah’s Witnesses, one Greek Orthodox, and 34 being simply known as Christians, or followers of Jesus Christ.

It looks like nothing much has changed between now and in July, where even as of July 25, there were 6,726 Syrian refugees who arrived in the US from the beginning of fiscal year 2016. Out of the 6,726, 6,625 or 98.4 percent of them were Sunni Muslims, while the remaining 23 or 0.3 percent were identified as Christians.

Robert Spencer in his July 1 article, mentioned, “This is social engineering, not humanitarian relief. Syria was 10 percent Christian before the war. The Christians have been targeted and persecuted by several jihad groups. The refugees, then, should be at least 10 percent Christian and probably more than that.” From a ratio of 10 Muslims for every 1 Christian in Syria, the number of refugees from Syria now stands at 185 Muslims for every 1 Christian. It certainly echoes what Robert Spencer had to say about the rather grim situation.

It must be noted that Christians in the Middle East have long been targets of discrimination, terrorism and violence, and hence, should all the more be deserving of refugee status. At the end of the day, the machines of war from ISIS and other rogue regimes in the Middle East who practice a fundamentalist, militant kind of Islam do not really care about others -- otherwise, the remaining Muslims in Syria would not have chosen to flee from their country, don’t you think so? It is now up to the free world to show them the love of Christ and love them into His Kingdom.