Young radio ministry growing rapidly across Latin America

( [email protected] ) Mar 05, 2004 08:54 AM EST

Although Voz Cristiana (Christian voice) began only five years ago in September 1998, it has already grown to become an international radio ministry that provides programming via satellite to 123 stations across America and the United States, and rapid growth continues to be seen across Latin America.

“We don’t sound religious, but we have a definite message,” explained Juan Mark Gallardo, general manager of the Miami-based Christian broadcasting service. “We are serving a combination of people. We reach non-Christians who are seekers at the same time that we are helping people who are Christians to deepen their faith."

The organization, which began broadcasting in Spanish via its shortwave station in Chile, now reaches an estimated 2.5 million listeners each day. The ministry has also developed a Portuguese language service delivered by satellite to three stations on Brazil.

Bernice Ramirez, program director for both language services commented, “We have 130 stations throughout the region waiting to sign up. We want to help those stations that have the same vision and passion of touching their local audience with an uncompromising style of radio that is not frequently heard on the airwaves today.”

Voz Cristiana, like it’s parent company, Christian Voice, uses a blend of Bible-based teaching and contemporary Christian music. Programs are designed to cross denominational lines and tend to be similar to that of a local station while remaining distinctly Christian.

Ramirez added, “Some of the stations are secular that look to us for programming. We aren’t political or doctrinal, we just want to share the love of Jesus Christ through our different programs.”