Acquire All New Mounts in World of Warcraft: Legion

( [email protected] ) Oct 05, 2016 09:36 AM EDT
How does one get about collecting close to 30 new mounts in World of Warcraft: Legion? Read on to find out.
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If you are one who simply cannot live without being perfect in anything and everything, then it would bode you well to take note that World of Warcraft: Legion has close to 30 new mounts to collect, it would do one a whole world of good if there was a guide. Thankfully, one World of Warcraft community member has cobbled together a pretty nifty guide. This would definitely come in handy if you are a newbie or are simply too lazy to do all the exploring and leg work beforehand yourself.

It is always nice to see a member of a community make a contribution, and this mount collecting guide for World of Warcraft: Legion could not arrive at a better time. Those who feel that they are unable to get a good night’s rest until they collect all of the new mounts will definitely find this guide a boon.

All of it can be viewed from the latest video from BellularGaming. This particular video that you can see below will depict the entire list of all the mounts, while providing the necessary information on how one will be able to add them as part of one’s personal mount collection. Surely this will cater to those who learn better through a visual method as opposed to others who find reading line after line of text more intellectually stimulating.

Some of the legion mounts will include cool and unique additions, such as a fox and a rather large, creepy spider. It is not all straightforward for every mount, since several of them will require slightly complicated methods in order to unlock them. Thankfully, the YouTube video from BellularGaming does offer the right links in the description so that you too, will be on your way to completing your World of Warcraft: Legion mount collection.

It is notable that one of the mounts known as the Fathom Dweller happens to be dropped by a rare world boss called Kosumoth the Hungering. It is rather incredible that gamers have the kind of perseverance and “think out of the box” mentality which is the epitome of gaming dedication to discover such nuggets, and in this case, coming across Kosumoth.

Out of the 28 new mounts available in World of Warcraft: Legion, how many have you collected so far? Apart from that, do you think that you would prefer to get the mounts that you would use most, if not all the time, and leave the rest as that? At the end of the day, it really boils down to the kind of gamer that you are. Some folks would want a 100% completion rate for all levels throughout the game, while others are more than content with finishing the game with the fastest time possible, rushing through it as though the hounds of hell themselves are snapping at his or her heels. Wowhead also has another listed guide to all the 28 mounts available in World of Warcraft: Legion, so you might want to check that out if watching a YouTube video is not your cup of tea.

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