Mortal Kombat X DLC XL Edition for PC Discounted, Latest News

( [email protected] ) Oct 06, 2016 10:15 AM EDT
Are you looking forward to the XL Edition DLC for Mortal Kombat X on the PC? You can get it now at a discount, so use that extra money saved for something else.
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If you are rocking to Mortal Kombat X on the PC, then you will be pleased as punch to know that the XL Edition DLC for the PC is now available at a discount. This offer is good for a limited time only, so the early bird gets the worm! While Mortal Kombat XL was not meant to appear on the PC at first, at least it has now been announced. It will come with the Mortal Kombat X game, accompanied by two Kombat Packs which have already been released as DLC.

Those who already have Mortal Kombat X on the PC can then opt for both expansions at a discount. Just how much do you need to part with now? The Mortal Kombat X standard edition will cost $30 a pop on Steam, and the XL edition will retail for $40. Kombat Pack 1 has been discounted to $5, while Kombat Pack 2 will be retailing for $10 as its sale price. Those who want to opt for a bundle will save a wee bit more -- perhaps enough to net you a burger from McDonald’s, as the bundle for both expansions will cost $12.43. This particular DLC sale will be good all the way until October 10th.

Now with Mortal Kombat XL on the PC, gamers will be able to take advantage of the enhanced net code which was introduced earlier in 2016. It will also be accompanied by improved support for widescreen and DSR, in addition to multiple fixes when it comes to different kinds of issues, crashes, and modes. The entire updates list can be found here, and you would need a fair bit of time to go through all of them.

Apart from the new Mortal Kombat X for PC version DLC, players also received a notably massive patch which would see changes and fixes introduced for all fighters that are on the roster. Surely the game ought to be more finely tuned and balanced in this manner, and one should also see all in-game items unlocked. That is good news for those who do not have the time before to indulge in the mobile game in order to unlock the in-game items. Other systems such as running, air attacks, and wake-up attacks are also altered.

Mortal Kombat X on PC did not have too good a start, and when Mortal Kombat XL was revealed down the road, the PC platform was left out possibly to avoid a repeat of its past mistakes. Thankfully, things do look as though they are looking up with the latest DLC, not to mention the bundle and discounts offered being a form of an olive branch extended to possibly aggrieved gamers.

Do take note that the Mortal Kombat X PC version patch is no lightweight, as it will arrive at a massive 23GB. This could be due to the earlier missed updates, alongside inclusion of medieval skins and The Pit environment. You will need to fork out for the Kombat X Pack 2 DLC though as mentioned earlier, and do not expect everything to be smooth sailing even after applying the latest patch.

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