Microsoft October 26 Event: New Surface PC Set To Release, What's Next for Windows 10?

( [email protected] ) Oct 10, 2016 03:20 PM EDT
It looks like the upcoming Microsoft event on October 26th is set to be the platform where the all new Microsoft Surface PC is launched.
It looks like the Microsoft Surface PC will debut this coming October 26th. Microsoft

Microsoft does look as though they have big things in store at their upcoming event on October 26th. Having already sent out mailers for the event to various inboxes around the world, this special Windows 10 and Surface event is slated to happen in New York City this coming October 26th. In the October 26th invitation, Microsoft introduced the tagline,, “Imagine what you'll do. Please join us to see what's next for Windows 10." This event will happen at 10am Eastern Time or 7:30pm Greenwich Mean Time, so you might want to get that down in your calendar, pronto. Apart from Windows 10 and a possibly new Surface PC announcement, there might be some Xbox-related announcements too.

It is not expected for Microsoft’s event to be large, and we might not even see a whole lot of hardware introduced as opposed to the previous year though, as expectations have been tempered. So far, we do know that there has been whispers on the grapevine concerning Surface-branded keyboards as well as a mouse, but all of those can be considered as “appetizers”. The proverbial “main course” would be a new all-in-one desktop PC, which would be called by none other than the Microsoft Surface PC moniker.

If the Microsoft Surface PC were to be announced, then some might say it is going to cannibalize on the Surface Book’s sales, which happens to be the first laptop computer that has been designed and built by Microsoft from the ground up. Of course, this is just speculation, but will a Surface PC be able to co-exist with the Surface Book, or will the Surface PC’s announcement spell the end of the Surface Book instead?

What the October 26th Microsoft event will probably focus on would be the company’s vision for Windows 10 and what entails after that, as well as the right kind of desktop PC hardware that will offer a totally immersive and holistic Windows 10 experience. We might even be able to know more about the new features for Windows 10 that will be introduced via a couple of major software updates in 2017, not to mention how those features will bring together a unification of platforms between the desktop PC and its Xbox game console.

It does not seem as though Microsoft would want to introduce a successor to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Microsoft Surface Book devices. There might be a very real possibility that Microsoft will use the opportunity to parade a number of laptops as well as other devices from different OEMs. If that is going to be the case, then it would certainly underline Microsoft’s intention to focus more on the future of its desktop operating system as well as desktop hardware.

As for the Microsoft Band 2, there is not much love for this activity tracking peripheral, with it having vanished into thin air from the company's official online store. Does this mean that the Microsoft Band range has reached the end of the road? We will find that out, and then some, this coming October 26th.

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