Overwatch Leak Reveals Sombra Character: News And Details

( [email protected] ) Oct 11, 2016 10:52 AM EDT
An internal Blizzard leak concerning its extremely popular multiplayer shooter title 'Overwatch' showcases the character known as Sombra.

Blizzard’s Ovewatch is one title that has captured the imagination of the masses since it was released, and it does not look as though interest in the title will subside anytime soon. In fact, in the past several months alone, we have come across Blizzard teasing the masses with a new character known as Sombra. There has never been a clear look as the one you see here. Sombra has been revealed in the latest internal Blizzard leak for its hugely popular multiplayer shooter, although it remains to be seen whether she would end up as part of the game’s ongoing ARG component.

The leaked image allegedly hailed from an internal studio website, where it showcases Sombra as a young woman who is all decked up in purple. Not only that, Sombra is armed to the nines with what looks to be some sort of submachine gun. There is an accompanying text to go along with the leaked image, citing that Sombra “will be hacking her way into the build later tonight.” Certainly this is an encouraging statement for fans who follow every single development of the Overwatch franchise.

Perhaps the build in which the accompanying statement relates to concerns that of the game’s internal version. It does make plenty of sense for the developers to test out whatever content that they have in store before rolling it out to the masses. Taking into consideration that Blizzard has been sending out teasers of Sombra even before the release of Ana, it all ties down together that Sombra is more than ready to undergo such testing.

The thing with such leaks and rumors is this: there is still a small chance that it is but another aspect of expanding the game’s storyline to include newer characters. After all, there has been whispers going around that Sombra in reality, would play the role of a hacker. This would then strategically place her in a position where a staged online leak is the perfect platform to introduce her to be part of an extension of the Overwatch ARG.

The Sombra leak is not alone in deciphering any kind of additional information for Overwatch’s upcoming Halloween celebrations. It was just last week that festive loot boxes were seen on the Xbox Store, and the situation warrants that these festive loot boxes will most probably carry all sorts of seasonal skins and emotes, among other goodies.

Not only that, there has been a leaked comic book that points to the possibility of Mercy ending up with a witch costume, whereas Reaper will suit up with an adequate amount of jack-o’-lanterns. As for Junkrat and Roadhog, they should celebrate Halloween by being Frankenstein and his monster. Who knows, Junkrat and Roadhog could jolly well end up right smack in the middle of a totally new game mode.

Other leaked materials with Sombra’s image point to a new game mode which will enable players to team up. This collaboration is required in order to defend a castle against waves of Zomnics, which is a presumed play of words for “zombie Omnics”. Tower defense, Overwatch style! Are you stoked yet?

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