Tesla Model 3 2018 Release Date, Price, Pre-Order and Updates

( [email protected] ) Oct 11, 2016 09:49 AM EDT
Tesla's latest Model 3 electric car is already in the pipeline, but buyers might have to stretch their patience all the way to 2018 before being able to drive one home.
Tesla Model 3, with more information coming on March 31, 2016. Tesla

Tesla has set the precedent on how an all-electric vehicle should be manufactured and sold, all the while looking good. So far, they have been pretty successful with their previous models, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to forge ahead in his quest to make electric cars as affordable as possible for the masses without compromising on quality and features. This particular quest has led him to take the route of the Tesla Model 3, which has been touted to be the most affordable -- and probably most popular in due time, car from Tesla to date when it hits the market.

Late 2017 release, early 2018 availability for most
Not only that, Tesla has huge plans for the Tesla Model 3, keeping their fingers crossed that it will see far greater production numbers compared to its other models in an effort to meet with a fast increasing level of demand. The Week claims that Tesla has already penciled down late 2017 to be the Model 3 delivery date. In reality, most pre-orders would only be fulfilled by the time 2018 rolls around because of the extremely lengthy waiting list -- especially when the reserve price is just $1,000.

$35,000 asking price sans incentives
So far, there has been no official announcement for the price of the Tesla Model 3, but there has been hints and whispers within the industry that it should not cost too much, although it will be far more expensive compared to your regular fuel guzzling sedan. The official Tesla Model 3 website shows an asking price of $35,000 before incentives for the base model, so the final sticker price is going to change depending on the situation at hand then.

If you are interested in picking up the Tesla Model 3 with dual motor, Autopilot and Supercharger access, then be prepared to fork out more dough for it. Tesla also has plans to increase its production capacity to a whopping 500,000 cars a year by the time 2018 rolls around. Being a smaller sized car than the Model S in terms of design, this should make it easier to develop and manufacture.

Underneath the hood would lie third generation battery technology that will be a whole lot more dense compared to its predecessors, while gaining a significant jump in the cooling system. This is crucial to allay fears of exploding batteries, what with Samsung pulling its Galaxy Note 7 from the worldwide market due to potential dangers and fears of the phablet spontaneously combusting -- and that is just for a small device, mind you, what more a car that has such a large battery. Tesla should pull out all the stops to ensure that nothing of that sort ever happens.

How far can the Tesla Model 3 go?
It has been mentioned that the base range of the Tesla Model 3 is tipped to be 215 miles on a full battery, although there is no reason to disbelieve the possibility of hitting the 250 miles mark with a larger sized battery thrown into the mix.

Apart from that, Tesla will continue to work in expanding its supercharger stations network all across Europe and US. This should soothe fears of running out of juice on long road trips, although some fair bit of planning needs to take place before you set out. With the supercharger station network being available abundantly, Tesla Model 3 drivers can then settle for quick and free top-ups while they are on the move.

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