Marvel's Spider Man Animated Series Release Date Set for 2017 Debut

( [email protected] ) Oct 11, 2016 09:52 AM EDT
Marvel's Spider Man is one of their most endearing comic book characters, where he has successfully made the transition to the silver screen. How about going slightly retro with word of a new animated series set to debut on TV next year?

Marvel’s cash cow on the TV and silver screen does not seem to run out of milk anytime soon. In fact, it might even be described to be the goose that lays golden eggs as opposed to a bovine source of cash. With Spider-Man making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year that was well received by the masses, perhaps it is time to expand the media platform further by making sure a new Spider-Man animated series is all set to swing by Disney XD in 2017.

In fact, the upcoming Spider-Man animated series look set to roll back the years and drip with nostalgia after its announcement at New York Comic Con. There will be plenty of buzz surrounding the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie that will hit theaters next July, so you can be sure that having an animated TV series that stars everyone’s favorite wall crawler is a no-brainer when it comes to breeding success with success. However, one does wonder whether there is such a thing as “superhero fatigue” among viewers after all these years of constant blockbusters and mega event movies.

Cort Lane, senior vice president of Marvel Animation and Family Entertainment, shared, “We’ve been secretly nurturing ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ for years now, so we are thrilled to finally announce it. The simple title reflects a back-to-basics approach – the story of an ordinary teen, Peter Parker, who suddenly finds himself with strange new powers and overwhelming responsibility.

This would mean that there does not look to be any continuity for the existing animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man, after its four season run ends in January next year. There will be a two-part finale titled “Graduation Day”, where Peter Parker will do battle against his eternal nemesis, Doctor Octopus, alongside the Sinister Six in yet another effort to play New York City’s savior.

Ultimate Spider-Man first debuted three years ago under Disney XD’s Marvel Universe programming block, and it showcased Spider-Man training alongside fellow teenagers Nova, White Tiger, Iron Fist and Power Man under the supervision and guidance of Nick Fury.

The upcoming Spider-Man animated series will reset the timeline, so expect a fresh look at the same story of humble beginnings where with great power, comes great responsibility. Familiar faces will return to the fold behind the scenes, including Philip Pignotti (“Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”) who will be supervising director of “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” while Kevin Shinick (“Robot Chicken”) will be the story editor.

It remains to be seen whether the existing Ultimate Spider-Man writers will participate in the building of the new series, as Disney XD might want to start afresh.

All in all, 2017 looks set to be another year where comic book superheroes dominate the silver screen -- especially during the summer months, and your TV too, will be subject to plenty of network programming from the likes of Marvel, what with Luke Cage on Netflix getting off to a strong start, and the Iron Fist teaser trailer being fresh out of the oven. Are you excited for the visual feast awaiting you in 2017?

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