MacBook Air 2016 Release Dates, Rumors and News

( [email protected] ) Oct 12, 2016 04:00 PM EDT
Rumour has it that the 2016 MacBook Air is scheduled to launch by the end of October; however, the astounding features are worth the wait.
CUPERTINO, CA - OCTOBER 20: An Apple employee displays the new MacBook Air during an Apple special event at the company's headquarters on October 20, 2010 in Cupertino, California. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the new MacBook Air in eleven and thirteen inch models starting at $999. He also announced the OSX Lion operating system for Mac computers.

Many MacBook Air fans were left in a state of dilemma after Apple's event in September, It was everyone's expectation that Apple would at least hint on the MacBook Air but unfortunately that was not the case, the giant manufacturer has been quite for a while; this has created a lot of suspense amongst many MacBook users. Many MacBook Air users cannot stand another month without a clue on the progress of the release. Well, if you happen to be one of the fans, there is some good news; some tech analyst from reliable sources have hinted that the MacBook Air is scheduled to launch before the end of October. Moreover, the analysts have hinted that the MacBook Air will be accompanied by additional enhanced features and specs; well, I guess it's worth the wait.

In a statement made by Rhoda Alexander, the Director for Tablet and Notebook PCs at HIS Markit Technology, she told Forbes that the manufacturer of Mac products started in the second quarter of this year, this is unlike many speculations. The key to the design features is the incorporation of a 13.3 inch MacBook Air which will be the thinnest and lightest product by Apple.

Chances are that the 2016 MacBook Air will not be powered by the Kaby Lake Processor; this is based on the information provided by Rhoda Alexander; that production of the device started in the second quarter of this year. This has led to the conclusion that the new MacBook Air will be powered by the sixth gen Skylake chip instead of the Kaby Lake Processor. It's important to note that even though Skylake cannot matchup with the Kaby Lake in terms of graphics, it's capable of delivering improved power consumption.

An upgrade to the standard function row to the dynamic function row will facilitate variation depending on the needs of the user. This will allow the volume and brightness to change depending on the applications being used by the users. The 2016 MacBook Air will also be coupled with a USB-C multi-function; this is per reports released by Bloomberg.

The pre-installed MacOS Sierra will also be packed with new features. Such features will include the animated iMessage app, Apple Pay online transactions, and even integrated iCloud. With the many features and add-ons that the MacBook 2016 is expected to have, it's worth the wait; hopefully, the device will launch this month.