Lance Wallnau, Who Prophesied Trump Would be Like Bible’s King Cyrus, on Trump's Lewd Tape Controversy

Dr. Lance Wallnau once prophesied that God is raising up GOP nominee Donald Trump the way He raised up King Cyrus of the Bible, who helped the Jews rebuild the temple.
Supporters of Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump reacts at a campaign rally in Panama City, Florida, U.S.
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Dr. Lance Wallnau once prophesied that God is raising up GOP nominee Donald Trump the way He raised up King Cyrus of the Bible, who helped the Jews rebuild the temple.

In an article dated Oct. 5, the prophetic trainer and teacher said God told him that "Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness."

Wallnau said the first time he met Trump was when Trump had a dialogue with other evangelical leaders, and in that meeting he heard the Republican presidential candidate say some very interesting things.

“Every other ideological group in the country has a voice. If you don't mind me saying so, you guys have gotten soft,” Trump said, according to Wallnau. “People who identify themselves as 'Christian' make up probably the single largest constituency in the country, but there is absolutely no unity, no punch ... not in political consensus or any other area I can see.”

After that meeting, Wallnau said God led him to read Isaiah 45, which begins with “Thus saith the Lord to Cyrus whom I have anointed … ”

Wallnau said Cyrus was a heathen king whom God used to protect the Jews, explaining that God can raise up secular rulers “to protect His interests.” Specifically, God used Cyrus in three ways: to deal with terror, to restore economic stability and to honor the Jews’ houses of faith.

Three days after Wallnau’s article was published, a video recording showing Trump making lewd comments surfaced, and the news caused a ripple effect among the Republicans and evangelicals, many of whom withdrew their support for the billionaire candidate.

What does Wallnau have to say about the lewd tape controversy?

“Isn’t it typical of religious people to read something that was written/said 10 years ago and miss God?” Wallnau said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

“This isn’t God exposing something. This is the devil strategically exposing information in order to destroy a candidate. And who’s dispensing this? The most phenomenal thing in the world is it’s the very people that are some of the most corrupt politicians we’ve ever had in high office,” he added.

He continued to say that God is allowing these exposes to humble Donald Trump, which should make Christians think. Wallnau added he believes God is about to do “something very unusual.”

“Because when God humbles someone, obviously it’s so that the grace of God can perform an operation that produces the character of Christ,” he explained. “By humbling him, he is more qualified as a candidate than anyone else.”

Wallnau also said the lewd tape surfacing a few weeks before the election was a form of “media mind control.”

After the tape controversy, many Republicans have withdrawn their support from the GOP nominee. From only eight of the 54 Republican senators who did not support Trump before the lewd tape controversy, there are now 16 who said they would not support Trump, according to Fox News.

Some evangelicals have also abandoned Trump, including theologian Wayne Grudem. However, others have decided to maintain support for him, saying there is a more urgent need to defeat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and ensure that the Supreme Court justices who will be nominated by the future president will not lean toward liberal policies.

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