'No Man's Sky' Update Might Turn Things Around

( [email protected] ) Oct 14, 2016 11:06 AM EDT
No Man's Sky has now plunged to ratings depths on Steam. Is there any way for the game to claw back to its proper position? Perhaps a new update might be able to change the direction of its future.
One of the most anticipated games is coming in August 9, 2016. Hello Games

When was the last time that you fired up No Man's Sky on your gaming rig? Can’t even remember? That would be tragic, with plenty of expectations surrounding the title originally. This is a title with plenty of potential, but it looks like the game has been plagued with plenty of complaints right after it has been released -- perhaps a new patch or update might be able to help No Man's Sky delivers a more enjoyable gaming experience in the eyes of those who are willing to give it another chance.

So far, Hello Games founder has remained pretty quiet with nary a peep in terms of tweets or updates, and even their website’s last development update post was on September 2. It remains to be seen whether the promise of "No matter what feedback you gave us, you have been heard and we are listening carefully. Thank you." will be fulfilled, but hope springs eternal. A tweet has shown that Hello Games should, theoretically speaking, be working on an update, even as the game continues to plumb the depths of the Steam ratings system.

Of course, Murray himself and Hello Games are not beholden to provide weekly updates to the masses as to what’s going on with No Man’s Sky, but if they did, then it would surely reflect well on their part. Even more so when No Man’s Sky is being flogged multiple times over in reviews everywhere.

At least No Man's Sky's audio head, Paul Weir, did response to a worried fan’s tweet concerning the game, and it mentioned that "Sean is fine and we're all busy on the next patch." However, when Weir was approached concerning the seeming radio silence from Hello Games and Murray, Weir did the only tactful thing that he could at that point in time: that he has "nothing useful to say."

It is more of a case of saying nothing by saying something, if you get what I mean, but at least it does give birth to hope that work is actually being done behind the scenes in order to redeem the potential of No Man’s Sky. Perhaps if Murray were to actually step out from his shell and share some bit of updates, or even the difficulties involved in fixing those numerous bugs and errors in the game, I believe it will go some way in pacifying the number of people who want to see the game succeed. To know that many people care about the title shows the amount of potential that No Man’s Sky has, so it would be great if such potential is not squandered, along with the goodwill of the masses.

It is No Man's Sky's special brand of gameplay and premise which actually turned this into one of the most highly looked forward to titles for the year, and to see it fall well short of its promises when launched in August this year is certainly a disappointment. Hopefully more can be done in due time in order to remedy the situation, and a happy gamer is a happy customer.

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