Pokemon Go Update: Catch Bonus features Explained, Gym Training Updated

( [email protected] ) Oct 14, 2016 11:10 AM EDT
Learn all that you want to know about the Catch Bonus in the new  Pokemon Go update, alongside news on Gym Training.
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Pokemon Go players must be pleased that the latest update to the game has gone live. And with the latest Pokemon Go update, you can be sure that players will find new ways to maximize their gaming potential as they grapple with the all new mechanics concerning Catch Bonuses, Gyms and Gym Training, in order to assist trainers to enjoy an easier time catching Pokemon. Oh yes, one more thing -- did we mention that there will also be some minor changes introduced to the Pokemon Go Plus?

Catch Bonus Feature
Everyone loves to earn a bonus, especially when you are at work. Well, the new Catch Bonus feature might not help you net some extra coin in your pocket, but at least it will tie in with the medals that you picked up for catching certain kinds of Pokemon. Before the latest Pokemon Go update, those medals were virtually useless, but if you have managed to amass quite a handsome collection of such medals, it is now time to maximize their potential.

Niantic claims that the medals in Pokemon Go will be classified on the number of a specific type of Pokemon captured. With each tier, there will be an increase in the catch percentage for that particular type. As the latest Pokemon Go update has gone live, it is certainly with a great relish that such theories be put to the test.

If you were to enter your trainer’s options in Pokémon Go and scroll all the way down to the medals segment, you can see them separated into a couple of categories. The first would be the medals that are concerned with the amount of walking you do, as well as the number of Pokemon evolved under your hand, while the other category would be focused on the catch rate.

With each medal type sporting three tiers, the first will be achieved when you manage to catch 10 Pokémon. 50 would be the next milestone for the second tier, while the final tier is “unlocked” when 200 Pokemon of a specific type end up in your Pokeballs.

How do the tiers assist you in terms of Catch Bonus then? The first tier would provide your trainer with a plus one, and so on and so forth. Assuming you max out the medal, your catch rate would have a +3% to it. Should the Pokemon in question be a dual-type, then the game will work out the average bonus by itself.

To summarize, things, maxing out two medals would see a maximum increase of 3%. three percent increase (the max).

Do you think that the seemingly minor difference will greatly affect your Pokemon catching adventures? Fret not, the Silph Road subreddit has come up with a simple calculation that should open your eyes wider.

Base catch chance: 10%

Bonus for gold medal: +3% to base catch chance

Multiplier for "great" throw: 1.5x

Multiplier for curveball: 1.25x

Multiplier for razz berry: 1.25x

Multiplier for ultra ball: 1.5x

Overall catch chance without bonus: (10%) * 1.5 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.5 = 35.2%

Overall catch chance with bonus: (10% + 3%) * 1.5 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.5 = 45.7%

Gym Training Feature
The Gym Training has also seen a change, where in the past the trainer can only bring a single Pokemon into a friendly gym. Post-update, you will now be able to bring in half a dozen Pokemon for training purposes, now how about that for efficiency?

Are you stoked yet with the new changes that have been introduced in the latest Pokemon Go update?

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