Mafia 3 Review, Latest Updates: Plenty of Room for Improvement

( [email protected] ) Oct 17, 2016 09:56 AM EDT
Some might say that Mafia 3 is a clone of GTA 5 with its fair share of glitches, but there is something endearing about this particular title which is worth spending time on.
Mafia 3 takes center stage on E3 2016 Polygon

Now that Mafia 3 has been released, for those of you who have picked up the game, how do you find it so far? Certainly there will be a fair amount of blood letting and killing, as you learn the ropes of being a stylish gangster, but is there more to the game than meets the eye? Perhaps the totally new Family Kick Back pre-order bonus in Mafia 3 will entice those who have not yet picked up the game to do so, as some of the bonuses include an exclusive collection of both vehicles and weapons.

Many fans did gripe that they did not receive the promised pre-order bonuses, especially the Family Kick Back, and if you happen to fall under this particular category, you might want to check out this simple guide in order to get things up and running for you.

Available on the Sony PS4, Xbox One and PC, Mafia 3 fans who have the game should go ahead and redeem the unique code once you have received it. Whenever you kick off the game, it is essential to go through the motions of the initial missions without going ahead of yourself. In Mafia 3, you would need to get a trio of underbosses.

Those three underbosses would be Burke, Cassandra, and Vito, and they are the key persons in Mafia 3. All of them are required to provide you with a car and a weapon, and all three of them are essential in order for you to level up in the game.

Burke would provide the player a Berkley Stallion, while Cassandra would have a Lassiter Leopard on offer. Apart from that, Vito will provide you with the Smith Moray MX100. The moment you reach the mobile arm dealer, you can then start to enjoy the free pre-order bonus weapons. Follow the steps mentioned above and you should be good to go. At least you do not have to fork out a penny more to obtain those weapons and vehicles. These bonuses would certainly go a long way in helping you gain a foothold in your New Bordeaux adventure. Every single edge counts!

To sum it all up, Mafia 3 comes with a fantastic story that you can play, where it is certainly worth indulging in for the first few hours. It certainly makes you wonder whether it has anything to do with watching a game or playing a movie. The visuals in the cut scenes are certainly as good as anything else out there, while you will certainly spend a good amount of your time indulging in gunplay while diving into some rather risky subjects that other game developers would prefer to shun in order to walk on the safe side.

In stark contrast with the cut scenes, there are instances where the gameplay graphics end up being rather poor in quality, which causes a disconnect. It can get rather disconcerting, as though you made the move from a mountain top experience right down to the deepest and darkest valleys. The open world of Mafia 3 is also pretty barren, which is where this title can learn a thing or two from other open world games like the GTA franchise or Fallout. Many missions also end up being rather similar in nature, which means some much needed variety is not there to spice things up.

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