Mike Pence, His Christian Faith And Values

( [email protected] ) Oct 17, 2016 12:35 PM EDT
Is politics a dirty game? Should Christians shun from it? Not so, as Mike Pence intends to fight the good fight in the realm of politics.
Lathan Goumas

Is there room for Christians in the world of politics? Isn’t it supposed to be some sort of dirty area of life which should not be embarked upon, lest you get polluted? On the contrary -- the Bible has shown many instances of how God’s people have made their way to the very echelons of power, only to make a difference to the nation and society because they took a stand for their Lord and Savior. Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence might just be that man, as he wears his Christian faith on his sleeve.

Pence did share his personal walk toward faith with Liberty University’s young evangelicals, and also took the opportunity to back presidential nominee Donald Trump by sending him to the White House. Liberty University is the largest evangelical university in the US, and over there, Pence assured both students and the public that Trump will send conservative justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Not only that, Trump has plans to establish policies which are friendly to small government and businesses.

Pence shared, “While we’re going to be voting to elect a president for the next four years on November the 8th, that president will likely set the course and direction of the Supreme Court of the United States for the next 40 years. We better think long and hard about that.” He continued, “I would submit to each and every one of you, when you think about this choice and how dramatic it is, now’s the time to stay the course, not to flinch in the face of harsh political winds, not to step off on the sidelines but rather to become engaged,” Pence said.

Mike Pence did explain at last week’s vice presidential debate that his “Christian faith is at the very heart of who” he is. From the very moment when he was called into public service, Pence did do his utmost best to keep faith with the values which he holds close to his heart. He has ensured that his religious views remain in line with his political stands -- covering a wide range of topics such as abortion, LGBTQ rights, health care reform and immigration, and along the way saw him gain the support of many conservative Christian followers in Indiana, and subsequently elsewhere in the country.

Being a former six-term congressman and an outspoken Christian, Pence does obtain plenty of respect wherever he goes. Pence explained before at the Republican National Convention, “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”

If Trump actually makes it as president, certainly he will need to draw on the expertise of Pence in the realm of politics. With Pence being Christian first, do you think that his Christian faith will affect his governance? It would certainly be worth noting that voters will have to look at the vice presidential candidates as well in addition to the presidential candidate. After all, behind every successful man is a woman, or so the adage goes. When it comes to the US president, certainly the choice of a running mate would also matter when it comes to charting the future of this great country.

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