NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin To Celtics, Kevin Love to Clippers, Chris Paul To Hawks, Paul Millsap to Cavs

( [email protected] ) Oct 18, 2016 02:14 PM EDT
Eight-player blockbuster deals might be realized in due time with Blake Griffin moving to Celtics, Kevin Love to Clippers, Chris Paul to Hawks, Paul Millsap to Cavs in the latest round of NBA trade rumors.
The Los Angeles Clippers expect Blake Griffin to rejoin DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul in an effort to beat Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors. Keith Allison/Flickr CC

There is nothing quite like the rumor merry-go-round when it concerns players in team sports. Certain teams have different kinds of rivalries, which can end up being pretty heated and at times, violent. Well, here are the latest NBA trade rumors that might just spice things up: and it involves sending Blake Griffin to the Boston Celtics, Kevin Love to the Los Angeles Clippers, Chris Paul to the Atlanta Hawks, and Paul Millsap to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Both Kevin Love and Paul Millsap are power forwards, while the Clippers’ dynamic duo of power forward Blake Griffin and point guard Chris Paul too, have come under the rumor radar as well. It seems that the latest rumor would involve all of the mentioned players -- which would certainly make for very interesting reading.

Yibada has a recent report that does talk about the possibility of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers talking to each other about trading Blake Griffin and Kevin Love. The Parent Herald must have heard somewhere that Paul Millsap could be packing up and making a move to the Cleveland Cavaliers in an upcoming trade, while the Boston Celtics are said to be interested in a deal for Blake Griffin, or so says SB Nation. Such rumors will remain as that -- rumors, until pen has been put to paper and these transfers are confirmed for good by the respective teams, players and their agents.

The latest rumor to make the mill will involve all of the four above mentioned teams, eight different players with a couple of draft picks involved. In order to make things easier to understand, here is the breakdown.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will receive power forward Paul Millsap, while the Boston Celtics would open their doors to power forward Blake Griffin in addition to Paul Pierce, a great servant of Celtics in the past.

As for the Atlanta Hawks, they will see point guard Chris Paul come under their payroll if all goes well, and the Los Angeles Clippers look set to lose a couple of NBA All-Stars in this process. Of course, their “net gain” would arrive in the forms of power forward Kevin Love, point guard Dennis Schroder, rookie small forward Jaylen Brown, power forward Amir Johnson and first-round draft picks in 2017 as well as 2019 -- not too shabby, don’t you think so?

These are huge trade proposals no matter how you look at it, and it remains to be seen whether the deals will be able to go through or not. Three of these teams would be able to work with the existing NBA trade and salary cap rules, but it seems that there is too much salary headed in the direction of the Celtics, unless some of the players involved are willing to take a massive pay cut to move in the process, which is a very unlikely scenario.

All that we need to do now as fans and rumor traders would be to sit back, relax and enjoy. Everything should unfold in due time, and the status quo might not remain, although we can never rule out that possibility until the trade season closes.

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