Pokemon GO Update For Android and iOS Phones; Pokemon GO Plus Supports Multiple Notification Modes

( [email protected] ) Oct 18, 2016 02:13 PM EDT
Pokemon GO has been updated for both Android and iOS platforms, bumping the version numbers to 0.41.2 and 1.11.2, respectively, while Pokemon GO Plus will now suppor Multiple Notification Modes.

Trainers, listen up! Pokemon GO has just received an update, which will see the Android version now at 0.41.2, while iOS Pokemon trainers would be bumped up to version 1.11.2. From what we do know, trainers are now able to earn a Catch Bonus for a particular Pokémon type as they catch more of a specific type. Not only that, Gym Training has been updated, allowing trainers to bring half a dozen Pokémon to battle at friendly Gyms.

The CP of the Pokémon that you are going to dust knuckles with could see a temporary adjustment to a lower level just for the particular training session in order to even up the odds. Not only that, there will be Egg & Incubator Screens that will periodically update the amount of distance walked without the Trainer requiring to close and reopen the screen. Apart from that, a handful of audio issues have been fixed, while the amount of evolution animation time has decreased. Other minor fixes are also part of the respective updates.

Pokémon GO Plus now better than ever before
With the latest updates, you can be sure that the Pokémon GO Plus accessory is enhanced in terms of performance -- as though it is on steroids. Basically, trainers who are on the hunt for Pokémon in the real world while making use of the nifty Pokémon GO Plus accessory will be able to choose from one of multiple notification modes.

It is able to scan for both PokéStops or Pokémon at the same time -- which would be the default setting if you feel that life has not granted you enough time to catch as many Pokémon and pick up as many Poké Balls as possible during your waking and walking hours. Of course, there is the option to enable or disable each of these notifications individually, depending on your personal preference. There is no compulsion to be the best Pokemon trainer, although peer pressure might have a say in shaping your Pokemon hunting patterns.

Not only that, whenever you out with your Buddy Pokémon, you will be able to opt not to receive notifications, and simply have it function as a pedometer of sorts, recording the distance of your walks instead. The Pokémon GO Plus accessory will also continue to be paired with the Pokémon GO app should you opt to make use the app as you interact with Pokémon or Gyms in this latest update.

Do take note that Niantic tends to issue new updates or patches once every fortnight, so it would not be out of place that there will be yet another update arriving at the end of October. As to the kind of new features, or bug fixes that we will be able to see then, remains to be figured out. What we would like to see Niantic do is this: make sure that servers which host Niantic’s Pokémon GO would have a minimal amount of down time before each subsequent future update is released. This is a necessary evil for all trainers to go through, unfortunately.

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