Pokemon GO Generation 2 Release Date, Latest News And Update

( [email protected] ) Oct 22, 2016 12:40 AM EDT
Additional Pokemon GO Generation 2 details revealed, with improvements including breeding as well as upgrades of PokeStops.
The augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go" by Nintendo is shown on a smartphone screen in this photo illustration taken in Palm Springs, California U.S. July 11, 2016. REUTERS/Sam Mircovich/Illustration

Pokemon GO has been a real phenomenon ever since it was first released, although you can be sure that the number of gamers have already started to taper off -- if not now, since a while ago. Still, there is a large enough base of existing players who are more than happy to simply walk around and try to catch them all in their daily lives, although certain Pokemon are a whole lot more tough to capture than the others. A sequel, or perhaps an update to the game, is always more than welcome and who knows? There might be just a new generation of gamers who will take up the game along the way. This is where Pokemon GO Generation 2 comes about, where the latests news and updates are revealed.

The Verge reports that Niantic has dropped hints on how breeding as well as Pokestop upgrades will be part of the equation. Of course, what most folks would like (as well as a tried and tested formula that ensures gamers keep on playing) would be to introduce new Pokemon. After all, the innate need in us humans to complete a particular project continues to drive us forward, so even the best trainer now who has amassed a fair number of Pokemon would want to ensure that his or her collection can be completed with the new Pokemons released.

New Pokemons coming your way
As for the new Pokemon that are set to be unveiled in Pokemon GO Generation 2, it would see Even evolve to Umbreon/Espeon, while Zubat ends up as Crobat, Oddish to Bellossom, Horsea to Kingdra, Poliwag to Politoed, Slowpoke to Slowking, Onix to Steelix, Scyther to Scizor, Porygon to Porygon 2 (what a quaint naming convention), and Chansey to Blissey. The baby version of Pikachu, Pichu, is also said to be another addition to Pokemon GO Generation 2, while other rumors point to creatures which look like an alien are also part of the deal.

Legendary Birds introduced
Legendary Pokemon, ah, these are the elusive ones which would certainly require you to muster all of your Pokemon catching skills, and you can be sure that having any ordinary Pokeball is not going to help you capture such a sought after Pokemon. Pokemon GO Generation 2 will see the introduction of legendary birds Articuno, Molters, and Zapdos. Majority of the trainers out there have yet to catch sight of these legendary birds to date.

New battles part of the update?
Experts on the scene have strong reason to believe that Niantic Labs will be introducing new battles with Pokemon GO Generation 2. For instance, it must be the dream for many to actually have trainers select their opponents and test out their skills, which would certainly increase the challenging aspect of the game. A new trading system might also be thrown into the mix, which would make it easier to trade Pokemon between trainers -- a system that I believe might be monetized through sheer Pokemon “sweatshops”.

Pokemon GO Generation 2 release date
The release date for Pokemon GO Generation 2 remains unannounced by Niantic Labs just yet, but it should not be too far down the road in order to maintain the existing momentum of gamers who are looking forward to a game update.

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