PlayStation Plus Free Games November 2016 List: VR Titles Rumors, Rayman Legends Could Be In The Pipeline

( [email protected] ) Oct 24, 2016 09:32 AM EDT
What is in store for next month's PlayStation Plus subscribers? We take a look at the possible titles that might make the cut to keep you occupied just in case you are working with a tight budget.
What is in store for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the next month? We take a few stabs at the possible titles to keep you entertained on the cheap -- or free, rather. Sony

We are just slightly a week away from November, and this can only mean one thing for PlayStation Plus subscribers: the list of free games that are set to be made available to those who qualify. Basically, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to enjoy a few free titles every single month, which is why there is more than just your paycheck to look forward to with each month. We shall take a look at some of the possible titles that might make the cut next month. Just a side note for gamers: those who happen to rock to the Xbox One will be able to enjoy their four free games each month with an Xbox Live with Gold subscription.

With November all set to usher in the holiday season, you can be sure that there will be presents galore and what not in December, and with most folks feeling generous, perhaps it might be possible for those corporations to have a heart as well. How about giving us free games that we have long clamored for, rather than titles that would not really matter if they were published or not? One can always hope, right?

Virtual Reality games a possibility with PlayStation Plus this November 2016
Some of the rumors do point to the possibility that PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for a treat this November -- where selected titles will be compatible with virtual reality (VR). Such a line of thought does crop up, especially with the recently released PlayStation VR which intends to deliver VR into mainstream living room entertainment, working alongside your PlayStation 4 console. Doing so will certainly increase the hype surrounding VR, and it will certainly provide a totally new gameplay experience for the masses.

Speculated list of free games include Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends
Watch Dogs might be on the list of free games this November for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and with Ubisoft not making an appearance over on PlayStation Plus for some time already, perhaps it is now time to reverse that trend. In fact, it might even help increase interest in the sequel, which would be Watch Dogs 2, that would be released this coming November 15. A free title could drum up interest for folks to pick up the sequel for sure!

Rayman Legends, as its name suggests, happens to be a pretty great game to play, and with it making its way to the Xbox platform via the Xbox Live with Gold subscription, one cannot but rule out the very real possibility of this platformer arriving on PlayStation Plus, as that would only be fair to gamers from both divides. Rayman Legends boasts of new and old characters in addition to totally new levels, while blasts from the past include old levels from Rayman Origins.

Knack is one particular title that has been mentioned from time to time with each speculative post about the upcoming free titles on PlayStation Plus, but somehow or rather, it never made the cut. Perhaps our luck might change this time around, and being one of the original launch games for the PlayStation 4, surely no one would want to pay money to play it now, so why not make it free? Last but not least, The Evil Within might be a horror survival title that will also make the cut, being two years old already.

We will simply have to wait and see what comes out in a few days' time, so stay tuned!

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