Surface Book i7 Release Date: Pre-Orders Begin, 16 Hour Battery life, $2,399 Price Tag

( [email protected] ) Oct 26, 2016 03:48 PM EDT
Microsoft's latest event sees the introduction of their latest hybrid device known as the Surface Book i7. So much for the Surface Book 2 debut!
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The folks over at Microsoft have come up with something that will certainly thrill Surface Book watchers: the all new Microsoft Surface Book i7. Already available for pre-order, the Surface Book i7 is no shrinking violet when it comes to a hybrid device, where you can use it as a notebook when the situation calls for it, and let it live freely as a tablet during other times. Running on Windows 10, the teaser Surface Book i7 video that is shown below is accompanied by an inspiring background score to get you interested.

The Windows 10 Event in New York was the platform for the Surface Book i7 to be announced by Microsoft. So what is new to the table with the Surface Book i7? A similar hinge design will arrive on the Surface Book i7, where it will be powered by the latest Intel Core i7 processor, hence giving its moniker that call sign. This 2-in-1 hybrid mobile productivity device’s hinge will not be able to rotate 360 degrees -- as it maxes out at just 180 degrees in order for it to function as a tablet.

Microsoft claims that the Surface Book i7 will come with a phenomenal 16 hour battery life. Now that is certainly a statement that should not be underestimated or sneezed at. In fact, one should applaud Microsoft for advancing battery technology on a mobile productivity device like this. Of course, it remains to be seen as to whether the 16 hours mentioned here has anything to do with the Surface Book i7 running all sorts of programs with the volume at full blast, or is it simply left alone to let the battery life trickle down. We suspect it would be moderate use that garners such a result.

Touted to boast of 3 times more graphic capabilities compared to the newest Apple MacBook Pro in the market, this is certainly something that Windows 10 users would cheer. According to Microsoft, the thermal system has gone through an overhaul, allowing them to install a second fan which should further increase the efficiency level of the Surface Book i7 more. Expect the Surface Book i7 to target a wide range of users, where they will include casual gamers, digital artists and professionals who need something powerful yet lightweight as they are on the move.

Expect the detachable PixelSense touchscreen display to continue its existence here, and bean counters need not fret with the lack of keys since the Surface Book i7 will also come with a full keyboard to make sure that your productivity does not drop while you are on the move. Oh yes, there will also be a compatible Surface Pen just in case you would like to maximize your tablet experience with the Surface Book i7.

Right now, Microsoft has already begun to open pre-orders for the Surface Book i7 from today onward. The asking price is rather steep at $2,399 a pop though, and deliveries are slated to kick off from next month onward, making this one of the more expensive toys in which you can purchase for the coming holiday season. The official Surface Book page has not been updated to reflect the existence of the Surface Book i7 as at press time, but that ought to change before the sun sets today.

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