Michael Schumacher Latest Condition Update: 45 Kilos And Dropping, With a Dwindling Bank Account (Rumors)

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2016 03:09 PM EDT
Word on the street has it that seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher's health and coffers are dwindling, with some pointing to him being a mere 45kg light.
Former Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher of Germany looks on during the qualifying session for the Italian F1 Grand Prix race at the Monza racetrack in Monza, near Milan, in this September 13, 2008 file photo. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

It is a real pain to see a person at his or her pinnacle, basking in the glory and adoration of the whole world, only to be struck by some malaise or tragedy. Former seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher is one such soul -- having reached the dizzying heights of his sport, and breaking many records along the way, his skiing accident in 2013 shocked the world, as his family immediately erecting a wall of privacy that no paparazzi was able to breach. Other than the fact that Michael Schumacher is still alive, we have absolutely no idea on how his recovery has been -- if any, since no official announcements have been released.

Schumacher’s friends, manager and family have successfully maintained radio silence concerning his current condition. So far, we do know that he has recovered from his half year long coma, but whatever other health reports that we have heard have not managed to lift the gloom surrounding him. The “results” vary depending on whom you talk to -- some claim that he has made large strides in his recovery, while others mentioned otherwise, citing that his condition is slowly deteriorating.

I would like to think that if Schumacher had made some huge strides in his recovery, it would be good news that he and his family will share with the legions of fans. After all, positivity feeds off more positive vibes, and the overwhelming love and support shown would work in his advantage. However, with virtually nothing released, it does not look as though Schumacher is achieving leaps and bounds in his recovery process. After all, he has had to go through intensive private treatment and rehabilitation in Switzerland, where among the procedures included a couple of operations and an induced coma because of brain damage.

According to the Christian Times, Schumacher currently tips the scales at a measly 45 kilograms, which would mean he is almost skeletal in form, and he is unable to walk unaided. Not only that, his family would also find it challenging to ensure that his medical expenses can be paid for. Word has it that Schumacher’s special care setup would burn through approximately $150,000 each week -- that would translate to $7.8 million per year.

Schumacher’s wife Corinna Schumacher is reportedly putting his personal properties on sale in order to raise the necessary funds to keep Schumacher going for as long as possible. Some of these assets include a resort and a private jet, where the last known asset sold was a much older F1 racing car.

Rumors of him being able to walk again has also been proven to be unfounded, and to drive the point home, Schumacher’s lawyer Felix Damm filed a case against the German publication that claimed how his client is able to get up and about. Not only that, Schumacher’s family also did issue a warning that no one would be spared from a lawsuit should false health reports of Schumacher get published. We can only continue to pray for his recovery at this point in time, really.

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