ASM to send more help to Mexico

( [email protected] ) Mar 06, 2004 06:49 AM EST

Audio Scripture Ministries will be sending more help to reach the most impoverished people in Mexico for Christ. The group will be targeting the rural people of Oaxaca, Mexico, one of Mexico's most impoverished states.

Audio Scripture Ministries, which is committed to providing translated Scriptures in audio so that all may her it in their own language, reported that the group will work together to spread out and taken non-print media for communicating the Gospel to non-readers. Audio Scripture Ministries has played significant roles in the development and production of hand-powered, solar-powered cassette players. ASM has also played a significant role in assisting missionaries and others to locate audio and other equipment suitable for various ministry locations. Three of the four regional recording studios brought into existence by ASM are fully independent, and two are completely run by local, national believers. The Africa regional center is completely run by Africans, but corporately affiliated with the US headquarters in Holland, Michigan.

The group is praying that God's power will be evident and that many people will hear the Gospel and their lives will be changed because their work.