LG V20 Release Date: Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile; Unlocked Options also Available

( [email protected] ) Oct 31, 2016 10:42 AM EDT
When will the LG V20 hit the market? It will arrived unlocked, but what about availability for the likes of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile? Read on to find out.
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Verizon LG V20 release date
Verizon should have already released the LG V20 at its brick-and-mortar Verizon stores and the end of October, and it does look as though there is more than ample stock available for the first non-Google smartphone that will ship with Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box. Basically, the LG V20 is being sold by Verizon for $672 a pop, but this does not mean that there are no other sweeteners to the deal. Verizon will also introduce an activation fee waiver, not to mention offer a decent trade-in program if you really, really want to use the LG V20 before the holiday season. Oh yes, how about having a spanking new LG Stylo 2 V to go along with your LG V20 for a mere $1? That package has been tailor-made for those who decide on a 2-year contract.

AT&T LG V20 release date
AT&T is offering the LG V20 from $27.67 per month across a two year contract, although you have the option for an unlocked version for $829.99. Other goodies thrown into the mix would be getting a LG G Pad X 10.1 for free on a 2-year agreement for the LG V20 on an AT&T Next plan, or you can also enjoy a $200 trade-in credit - just make sure your smartphone qualifies for the trade-in process.

Sprint LG V20 release date
Sprint might have been one of the last major carriers in the US that allowed pre-orders for the LG V20, but that does not really matter too much, right? So what if you are faster than your neighbor to place a pre-order? The handset is now widely available, and the LG V20 from Sprint will cost you $792, unlocked. A 2-year contract will cost you $349.99 a pop, with an accompanying mail-in rebate, of course. In addition, you can also pick up the LG V20 from Sprint via monthly instalments of $33 over two years.

T-Mobile LG V20 release date
T-Mobile's LG V20 will require you to drop $49.99 first, accompanied by a $30 monthly commitment over the course of the next two years. If you are a JUMP! On Demand customer, then you can pick up the LG V20 for nothing upfront, while monthly payments of $34 over the course of the next 18 months will commence.

What if I want an unlocked LG V20?
For those who prefer an unlocked LG V20 so that you do not have to be locked down to a particular mobile carrier on a 2-year contract, there are options available. The only major US retailers taking in pre-orders for unlocked LG V20 as at press time happens to be B&H and Newegg, where the former claims that early November would be when they would be able to deliver the LG V20, while Newegg has listed down November 11 as the release date.

Regardless of whether you decide to jive with B&H or Newegg, both of them have listed down $799.99 as the asking price for the unlocked LG V20. It is definitely lower than what AT&T is charging at $829.99, and not only that, you will be able to pick up a free LG G Pad 7.0 tablet along the way, in addition to a pair of H3 By Bang & Olufsen PLAY earphones for free -- something that the carriers do offer as well.

While the LG V20 is a powerhouse when it comes to multimedia performance, it is not perfect -- those with smaller hands or are more petite in nature might want to avoid it, as it could feel more like a brick in your hand than anything else as you talk into it.

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