GTA Online Update: Final Major 2016 Update Arriving On PS4, Xbox One and PC

( [email protected] ) Nov 01, 2016 11:21 AM EDT
Expect the usual year end update to hit GTA Online, where it will bring PS4, Xbox One and PC GTA gamers to another level, complete with the standard Christmas items.
GTA Online Expansion Coming with "Bikers" Rockstar Games

In the past, games that were released did not come with updates -- for the simple fact that it would be virtually impossible to roll out such updates online as nobody had a 14.4k baud modem yet, and games were installed via 3.5” floppy disks. Well, things have changed so much in the modern day, that games can even be released half-baked, only for an update to fix everything up arriving later. As for GTA Online, updates for this title is not focused so much on bug fixes, but more of adding new content that will definitely keep gamers a happy bunch, not to mention enhance the longevity of the title. We are now arriving at the business end of the year, which is why word has it that GTA Online is being tipped for the final major update for the year -- and this update for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions is set to arrive in December.

Apparently, Rockstar is touted to introduce whatever is left of the Biker DLC updates before November gives way to the Christmas month, and a slew of fresh content will be tacked on in December. It would not be out of place should some of that content be connected to the Import and Export business in the GTA Online world, and we would not be surprised at all, either, if the December update will come chock-full with Christmas themed items and promotions.

GTA Online celebrates Halloween with new items
GTA Online has not forgotten that Halloween has just come and gone though, where the in-game event will boast of new vehicles, treats as well as new game mode, at least that is what Rockstar Newswire shared. The latest vehicle to debut this Halloween would be the LCC Sanctus Motor bike, which would be jaw dropping if it were to be released in real life. Those who would like to pimp up their rides to go with the Halloween mood can always take their pick between the Lurcher Hearse and a Franken Stange.

Another new game mode available is The Lost Versus Damned, where it will predictably involve both Angels and Devils. As a player, you can opt to choose just which side you want to be on, and things get more interesting when awarding one minute bonuses are awarded to each side alternately. During the day, Angels are stronger, and vice versa for the Devils.

Oh yes if you are one of those who would not mind splashing the cash for the new Sanctus motorbike before November 7 arrives, this would lead you to unlock the Cheerleader Massacre 3 T-Shirt. This unique t-shirt has been described to be "a perfect, bloodied accessory to any Halloween wardrobe."

As for the final major update that is slated for a 2016 release, it has been rumored to introduce the Kill Quota Adversary Mode to the game, but so far, nothing official from Rockstar has been revealed just yet. GTA Online fans will simply have to sit tight and wait to ride things out.

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