Luke Cage Season 2 Release Date: Brace Yourself For Iron Fist Appearance

( [email protected] ) Nov 07, 2016 08:18 PM EST
It is nice to see Marvel's different characters come together on the silver screen or TV screen -- if it is tastefully done, of course.
Luke Cage 2 might be released in 2019 Screen Rant

The second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix might still be some time away, but this does not mean that there shouldn’t be any rumors attached to a possible release, right? Word on the street has it that Luke Cage Season 2 as shown on Netflix will feature the appearance of Iron Fist, yet another character from the Marvel Universe who will be getting his very own Netflix TV series in due time. All of them will eventually come together and debut as The Defenders, which is yet another group of superheroes who presumably are tasked with protecting the city that they live in, along with those whom they know and love. I suppose the micro problems such as rising crime rate in the neighborhood would be a task that fits their size, while cosmic level events will require the firepower of the Avengers.

Back to Luke Cage Season 2 and the possible debut of Iron Fist there -- it seems that more hints on the upcoming season have been revealed by Marvel. Luke Cage is a man who grew up in the rough streets of Harlem, and has decided to use his superpowers for good. Marvel will obviously do their level best to stick to canon as that is what fans tend to prefer, although there are times when a little bit of creative liberty will be able to go a long, long way. It goes without saying that the second season of Luke Cage would still see Mike Colter play the role of the superhero Luke Cage again, and this time, he should be accompanied by other bosom buddies such as Iron Fist -- not to mention other fictional characters that hail from the Marvel universe.

Those who have been following Luke Cage on Netflix from word of its inception all the way to its airing, are certainly placing their money to see the "Heroes for Hire" reunite, as though it is the comics being brought to life. This should be happening in Luke Cage Season 2. The original comic book depicted Heroes for Hire as a team that will see Iron Fist, Colleen Wing, Shang Chi, Ant-Man and of course, Misty Knight being the leader on board to boot. Does this mean the Scott Lang from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be appearing as Ant-Man then? One can only drool in speculation and wonder.

Expect the Misty Knight character to be played by Simone Missick, while Colleen Wing should be represented Jessica Henwick. If both of them were to appear in the second season of Luke Cage, then it is certainly a pleasant surprise to know. Of course, we are not ruling out the possible rabid reception of fan favorites like Ant-Man and Iron Fist debuting in Luke Cage Season 2 as well, while fans remain patient to see the love affair between Luke Cage and Claire Temple develop. WIll Rosario Dawson step into the shoes of Claire Temple? We do not know, but it is always nice to have a sense of continuity from Daredevil in other Marvel Netflix miniseries.

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