Michael Schumacher Latest Health Update: Friend Says He is Improving

( [email protected] ) Nov 08, 2016 09:51 AM EST
According to a friend of Michael Schumacher's, his health is improving. Just how much of an improvement remains to be seen.
Michael Schumacher Photo: Reuters

Seven time Formula 1 world champion and racing legend Michael Schumacher’s horrific skiing accident has left many of his fans heartbroken all over the world, and his family too, has had to go through some difficult moments in the past few years as Schumacher continues the battle to recover. In fact, he was put through an artificially induced coma in order to reduce the amount of swelling in his brain, and his family has continued to guard their privacy and Schumacher’s health condition jealously, making it a secret that has less chances of leaking out to the public compared to the next flagship smartphone’s schematics. Hence, any word on Schumacher’s progress is always more than welcome, and we are pleased to hear from a reliable source that Michael Schumacher’s condition is showing “encouraging signs” in his recovery.

Ross Brawn, who helped Michael Schumacher in his quest to win seven Formula 1 titles over the course of his professional racing career, was also one of the Ferrari technical heads in the past, was the one who came up with this particular statement. Brawn mentioned to BBC Sport, “There are encouraging signs and we are all praying every day that we see more of them. All I would say is there is a lot of speculation about Michael’s condition, most it’s wrong and we just pray and hope every day that we continue to see some progress.”

So far, ever since Schumacher was discharged from a hospital in September a couple of years ago, his health condition has remained private. It was not too long ago that Schumacher’s lawyer did informa German court that the racing legend was not able to walk, and that was not frivolously disclosed since the lawyer was involved in a court case that saw a German publication publish outright lies, citing that Schumacher could walk “a couple of steps.” Obviously, with the lawyer’s statement, a more realistic image of his health condition was shared with the rest of the world. I suppose that was one of the times where we wished a tabloid magazine would have gotten their news right as opposed to the opposite.

Obviously, we still have absolutely no idea on what it was meant by “encouraging signs”. Someone on the brink with stabilized vital signs can be said to be showing encouraging signs. The thing is, we do not have a health benchmark of which to compare Schumacher’s progress in his recovery, so everything is pretty much still speculation as at press time.

Needless to say, Michael Schumacher's family continues to maintain the policy of maintaining their privacy, and wish that fans as well as media, would be able to offer such a respect. We all continue to pray and hope that Schumacher experiences a medical miracle and will be able to get back on his own two feet, not to mention being able to actually communicate with the rest of the world once again. What would your interpretation of the situation surrounding Michael Schumacher's health condition be at the moment?

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