Xbox One, Xbox 360 Black Friday Deals 2016: Discounts At Costco, Sam's Club and BJ

( [email protected] ) Nov 10, 2016 08:07 AM EST
Something's good coming for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, that is for sure, with the number of Black Friday deals for both consoles beginning to mushroom.
More games can now be played on the Xbox One. Marco Verch/ Wikipedia

Black Friday is always one of the best times throughout the year if you would want to net yourself a brand new piece of consumer electronics, and this would also mean video game consoles like the Xbox One. Of course, there will be others who would still not mind picking up the older generation Xbox 360, which would be seen as a weird move for many, but they have their reasons. Those who prefer to be on the cutting edge of things can also check out the Xbox One S that is not only smaller in stature, but packs more power than the Xbox One, so Black Friday is a good a time as any to pick it up when you see a good deal attached to it. What are some of the Xbox One Black Friday deals that have started to surface which consumers and gamers alike would not mind parting with their money for?

Black Friday 2016 has yet to kick off as that will happen only on November 25, 2016, but this does not mean that we cannot start to scan for deals and potentially jaw-dropping prices if you would like to pick up the video game console from Microsoft. Of course,there are also Cyber Monday deals to look forward to on November 28, which is more or less a sale on whatever remnant stock that is left from the Black Friday rush. If you miss both, fret not. Chances are retailers who would want to continue pushing their stock of consoles will also earmark those with additional discounts in view of the holiday and Christmas season kicking in in full swing.

Sam’s Club

Those who shop at Sam’s Club will be able to check out the Battlefield 1 Xbox One S 500GB bundle that will arrive with an additional controller and extra game for $299 a pop, and we would not be surprised if the price were slashed by just a wee bit more as Black Friday 2016 approaches. There is also the $249 Battlefield 1 or Minecraft Xbox One S 500GB bundle with an additional controller to consider if you are into either title.

BJ’s Wholesale Club
BJ’s Wholesale Club will be offering the Battlefield 1 Xbox One S 1TB bundle for $299.99, while those who opt for the Minecraft Xbox One S 500GB bundle will be able to enjoy a $50 discount.

As for those who prefer to get their shopping done at CostCo, you can pick up the Minecraft Xbox One S 500GB bundle for $249 a pop, while the Minecraft Xbox One S 500GB bundle with Favorites Pack will arrive with a $50 discount.

Miscellaneous retailers like Shopko is offering the Gears of War 4 Xbox One S 1TB bundle for $299.99, with $100 in coupons, while Kohl’s has the Minecraft Xbox One S 500GB bundle with $75 in coupons going for $249.99.

All in all, the prices are holding steady regardless of who you purchase it from, so the basis of your purchase would most probably right now be retailer loyalty that helps with the decision. Do expect to see steeper discounts on the older Xbox One models with the Xbox One S having been confirmed already, which means that old stock will need to shift in order for the new to make an appearance.

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