Pokmeon Go Sun and Moon Release Date, News And Update

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Pokemon Go updates are overdue and the world awaits for the release of Pokemon Sun and Go.
Pokemon Sun and Moon is meant for the Nintendo 3DS. Evan-Amos/ Wikipedia

Pokemon Go has yet to receive a major update, which is why fans are expecting a big one is coming up. Meanwhile, on November 18, Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to be released and expectations are high for the games after all the hype generated by Pokemon Go.

Expecting a Major Update

There has been no major update for Pokemon Go since it was released. The medal bonuses and buddy system are just minor changes to the game. Players are still waiting for the first major update to the game, the one that would add some major content to it. Even the Halloween event was just a variation of the same game.

There is no official announcement yet from Niantic, but there is good reason to believe that the first major update for the game would come out by November 18. That would be the date when Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming out, which is why observers believe that Niantic would not miss the chance to get out some major changes to their game then.

A probable feature that can be added to Pokemon Go would be the Alolan Forms. These are variants of the Pokemon which can be found in the Alolan region. The Alolan region is setting of the Sun and Moon games. Another possibility would be adding back the tracker or maybe adding some new Pokemons into the game.

Whatever it is, Pokemon Go must have something that would help boost the sales of the sales of the upcoming 3DS games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date

As mentioned earlier, the release date for the Pokemon Sun and Moon is set for November 18 of this year. The games are meant for the Nintendo 3DS systems. The game is rated "E" or for everyone and is the seventh or the latest generation of the Pokemon series of games.

So why two games at once? Pokemon games are normally released as a set of two games that have slight differences. What exactly are the differences between the Sun and the Moon? Users would have to find out when the game is released. So far there are few details that are known about the two games. Here are some of the differences that are out:

  • Legendary Pokemon
  • Box art
  • They take place at different periods
  • They have different Totem and Ally Pokemons

The suggested retail price for the games once available is $39.99.

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