Final Fantasy 15 Release Date: 16 Different DLCs With Pre-Order on Offer

( [email protected] ) Nov 10, 2016 10:12 PM EST
Final Fantasy 15 is shaping up to be an alpha class game event, and the fanfare surrounding it before its release is phenomenal, sporting 16 different DLCs on offer with your pre-orders.
Final Fantasy 15 is coming on September 30, 2016. Square Enix

Are you looking forward to the day when Final Fantasy 15 is finally playable, and you are able to cast magical spells with technology working in your favor? If you have answered in the affirmative, then twiddle your fingers until the official November 29 release date. In the meantime, you might want to comfort yourself with the knowledge that Square Enix has already made available 16 different kinds of trailers of the game on the official Final Fantasy 15 YouTube account. Now that is certainly a fair number of teasers to go through, where you can watch one a day and still have three more days of waiting to go. Alternatively, why not go through all of the 16 teaser trailers in one go, and loop them in order to get your Final Fantasy 15 fix?

The various trailers shown on YouTube will depict the various kinds of downloadable content (DLC) that one will be able to download with a pre-order of the game from various retailers. This is definitely an interesting offer to say the least, and the advent of the Internet has certainly brought about creative and different methods of marketing a game in order to hook gamers before a particular title actually hits the market.

If you are too impatient to sit through all 16 of those teaser trailers, then we have done our homework on your behalf. Some of the content that will be featured in the pre-order DLCs will comprise of character clothing (you need to look good if you want to save the world, you know?), cooking equipment and ingredients (a hero needs to eat as well), a camera kit (selfies to keep up with the times), and of course, weapons -- and more weapons. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does provide one with a general idea. One of the more interesting bonuses would be a prequel game that is known as "A King's Tale: Final Fantasy 15".

In A King's Tale: Final Fantasy 15, gamers will be able to step into a game timeline that has been set three decades before the happenings of Final Fantasy 15 kick off, where you will be greeted by a graphical style which is a throwback to the older generation consoles, and the action does not let up either thanks to a fast-paced combat system.

Once you have placed a pre-order for Final Fantasy 15, you can expect the following stuff:

• Travel Pack: Amazon US pre-orders of the game will allow one to enjoy playable characters who will travel the world in style.

• Angler Set: Both Sony and Microsoft versions of the game will include this set, in addition to the Ultimate Edition. The Angler Set DLC as its name suggests, enable players to go fishing on Eos and stand a chance to win the title of Ace Angler.

• Gourmand Set (a pair of rare cooking ingredients): Camping turns out differently with this DLC which enables campgrounds to experience a transformation into kitchens.

• Camera Kit: Unleash the inner shutterbug in you, where you shoot memories of your travels and adventures.

• Recolor: 16 Bit Buddies: Digital pre-orders via Sony and Microsoft will bring this DLC to life, as your vehicles are pimped out with pixel art decals of Noctis and his mates.

• Recolor: Gold Chocobo: This DLC is available upon pre-order from Amazon North America, where your cars are then covered with trademark colors of the Chocobo bird.

• Recolor: Cindy Mobile: If you pre-order from the Square Enix Online Store in North America, then this is your ticket to a unique DLC.

• Recolor: Platinum Leviathan: Pre-order the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Final Fantasy 15 in order to pick up this higher end DLC, so to speak, as everyone then knows which version of Final Fantasy 15 you own.

• Theme: Big Bang: Pre-order from Sony PlayStation Network to obtain this DLC.

• Costume Royal Raiment: Deluxe or Ultimate Edition pre-orders of the game will enable this DLC to assist players gain access to elegant formal wear.

• Xbox One FFVX Avatars: Noctis Costumes and Carbuncles are part of this DLC, as long as players pre-order from Microsoft.

• Weapon: Mage Mashers: A pre-order from Amazon US will net this DLC that lets players decimate enemies on the battleground by putting them through a world of pain.

• Weapon: Gae Bolg: Another Amazon US pre-order that will send enemies cowering with this dragon lance.

• Weapon: Masamune: All pre-orders will net players with this legendary bloodthirsty sword.

• Blazefire Saber: Pre-order from Amazon US and Lightning's signature weapon can be yours as a bonus.

• A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV: Pre-order from GameStop or EB Games in order to enjoy the chance to play this prequel game that is a throwback to an era of retro graphics.

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